CompanyWeb siteCountryKeywordsProfileOverview
11.2 Capital http://www.112capital.comUSAmicro-VC
122 West Ventures http://122west.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on early-stage internet and software investments in the San Francisco Bay Area.
14W Ventures http://www.14w.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on consumer internet, marketplace, ecommerce, CPG, and media.
1517 Fund http://www.1517fund.comUSAmicro-VC
1confirmation Fund LP http://www.1confirmation.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCEarly stage venture fund fueling the decentralization of the web and society.
2048 Ventures http://www.2048.vcUSAmicro-VC
3.0 Capital http://three0.commicro-VC, crypto fundsMulti strategy cryptoasset fund.
3Lines Venture Capital http://www.3lines.vcUSAmicro-VC
3Rodeo http://www.3rodeo.commicro-VC
4490 Ventures http://www.4490.venturesUSAmicro-VC
7 Gate Ventures http://www.7gate.vcmicro-VC
7-Wire Ventures http://www.7wireventures.commicro-VC
9Mile Labs http://www.9milelabs.comUSAmicro-VC
A-Force Ventures http://www.aforceventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage fund that invests in female led consumer internet and mobile startups.
AAF Management Ltd http://www.arabangel.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on startups seeking to enter the MENA region.
Aarde Corp (Aarde Cloud)http://aarde.cloudUSAmicro-VC
AB Initio Capital Management LLC (ABI元实资本), (ABI Capital)http://abicap.comUSAmicro-VC
Acceleprise Ventures http://www.acceleprise.vcUSAmicro-VC
Accelerator Life Science Partners http://www.acceleratorcorp.comUSAmicro-VC
AccelFoods LLC http://www.accelfoods.commicro-VC
Access Venture Partners (Access Ventures)http://www.accessvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Acequia Capital Management LLC (Acecap)http://acecap.commicro-VCGlobal venture fund investing in early stage technology companies.
Acero Capital http://www.acerovc.commicro-VC
Acorn Innovestments http://www.acorninnovestments.comUSAmicro-VC
Acorn Pacific Ventures http://www.acornpacific.venturesUSAmicro-VC
Act One Ventures LP http://www.actoneventures.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm with a focus on business software.
Activate Venture Partners http://www.activatevp.comUSAmicro-VC
Active Venture Partners LLC (Active Capital)http://www.activecapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture firm focused on leading seed rounds for B2B SaaS companies outside of Silicon Valley.
Ada Ventures http://www.adaventures.comGBRmicro-VCVenture capital firm which invests in overlooked founders and markets.
Adaptive Health Capital http://www.adaptivehealthcare.comUSAmicro-VC
Advancit Capital LLC http://www.advancitcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Afore Capital http://www.afore.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm.
AI Capital
AI8 Ventures (Alpha Impact Ventures)http://www.ai8ventures.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCVenture capital firm with a focus on early stage fintech and healthtech companies.
Alabama Futures Fund http://alabamafuturesfund.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital fund focused on supporting and growing entrepreneurial activity and economic development in Alabama.
Album VC http://www.album.vcUSAmicro-VC
Aligned Partners Venture Services LLC (Aligned Partners)http://www.alignedvc.comUSAmicro-VC, female founders
Almanac Insights http://www.almanacinvest.comUSAmicro-VC
Alpha Bridge Ventures http://www.alphabridge.squarespace.comUSAmicro-VC
AlphaPrime http://www.alphaprime.comUSAmicro-VC
Alrai Capital http://www.alraicap.comUSAmicro-VC
Altitude Investment Management http://altitudein.comUSAmicro-VC
Altitude Ventures http://www.altvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Alumni Ventures Group (AVG)http://www.avgfunds.comUSAmicro-VC
Amaranthine Partners http://www.amaranthine.vcUSAmicro-VC, data driven investment
Amasia http://www.amasia.vcmicro-VC
Ambition Venture Fund LLC (Ambition VC)http://www.ambition.vcUSAmicro-VC
Amino Capital (zPark Capital)http://www.aminocapital.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VC
Amiti Ventures LLC (Amiti Capital)http://www.amiticapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Amplify LA (Amplify.LA)http://amplify.laUSAaccelerator, micro-VCLos Angeles-based accelerator and seed-stage venture capital firm.
Amplifyher Ventures http://www.amplifyherventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Anathem Ventures http://www.anathemventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Anchor Capital Management Company LLC (Anchor Capital)http://www.anchorcap.usUSAmicro-VC
Andav Capital LLC http://andavcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
AngelPad http://angelpad.comUSAaccelerator, micro-VC
ANIMO Ventures http://animo.vcUSAmicro-VC
Antecedent Ventures http://www.antecedent.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture fund based in New York.
Aphelion Capital LLC http://www.aphelioncapital.netUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on medical technology
Applied Crypto Ventures http://www.appliedcryptovc.comUSAmicro-VC, crypto funds
Arafura Ventures http://www.arafuraventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Arc Labs http://www.arclabs.coUSAmicro-VC
Archer Venture Capital http://www.archervc.comUSAmicro-VC
Arcus Ventures (AV)http://www.arcusventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on investing in oncology focused companies.
Aristos Ventures http://www.aristosventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focusing on capital efficient technology companies in Texas.
Armory Square Ventures http://www.armorysv.comUSAmicro-VC
Array Ventures http://www.array.vcUSAmicro-VC
Arrowhead Innovation Fund http://www.aifvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Arthur Ventures LLC http://www.arthurventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Asimov Ventures http://asimovventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm based in New York City and Seattle.
Astral Capital USAmicro-VC
Atland Ventures http://www.atlandventures.comUSAmicro-VCStudent-run Venture Capital firm managed by students of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.
Atlas Peak Capital http://www.atlaspeakcap.comUSAmicro-VC
ATO Ventures http://atoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
ATP Fund http://www.atpfund.comUSAmicro-VC
ATX Venture Partners http://www.atxventurepartners.comUSAmicro-VCSeries A venture fund based in Austin, Texas.
Atypical Ventures
Augment Ventures http://www.augmentventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.
Authentic Ventures http://www.authentic-ventures.comUSAmicro-VC
B37 Ventures http://www.b37.vcUSAmicro-VC
Babel Ventures http://www.babel.venturesUSAmicro-VC
Background Capital (Background VC)http://www.backgroundcap.vcUSAmicro-VC
Backstage Capital http://backstagecapital.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VC
Baker & Eastlack Ventures http://www.bakerandeastlackventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Bam Ventures http://www.bam.vcUSAmicro-VC
Bandgap Ventures http://www.bandgapventures.comUSAmicro-VCAustin-based venture capital firm focused on equity investments in early stage companies developing hardware and physical science technologies.
Base Ventures http://base.venturesUSAmicro-VC
Beanstalk Ventures http://www.beanstalk.vcUSAmicro-VC
Bee Partners http://www.beepartners.vcUSAmicro-VC
BELLE Michigan http://www.michbelles.comUSAmicro-VC
Bemis Capital LLC micro-VC
Benhamou Global Ventures LLC (BGV)http://www.benhamouglobalventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Bennu Venture Group LLC http://www.bennuvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Berg Capital Group LLC http://www.bergcapitalgroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Berkeley SkyDeck Fund (SkyDeck)http://www.skydeck.vcUSAaccelerator, micro-VC
Beta Bridge Capital http://www.b2cap.comUSAmicro-VC
Betaworks Studio LLC http://www.betaworks.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm specializing in incubation, seed and early stage investments
Better Food Ventures LLC http://betterfoodventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Better Ventures http://www.better.vcUSAmicro-VC
BioCrossroads http://www.biocrossroads.comUSAmicro-VC
Bioeconomy Capital http://www.bioeconomycapital.comUSAmicro-VC
BioInnovation Capital
BioRock Ventures http://biorockventures.comUSAmicro-VCLife sciences venture capital fund investing in biopharmaceutical startups developing treatments for serious medical diseases.
Bios Partners http://www.biospartners.comUSAmicro-VC
BioStar Ventures LLC http://www.biostarventures.comUSAmicro-VC
BioVentures Investors LLC http://www.bioventuresinvestors.comUSAmicro-VC
BIP Capital LLC http://www.bip-capital.comUSAmicro-VC
BITKRAFT ESports Ventures http://www.bitkraft.netUSAmicro-VCGlobal early-stage investment platform for gaming, esports, and interactive media.
Bits x Bites http://www.bitsxbites.commicro-VCChina's pioneer food tech venture capital firm.China's pioneer food tech VC. We empower early-stage startups to shape the future of good food. If you are a food tech company ready to make a sustainable positive impact in China, we may just be able to help make it a reality.
Blackhorn Ventures http://www.blackhornvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Blade LLC http://www.blade.netUSAmicro-VCConsumer technology foundry, based in Boston.
Blangkond Ventures http://www.blangkond.comUSAmicro-VC
Bling Capital http://www.blingcap.comUSAmicro-VCThe venture capital investment vehicle of Ben Ling.
Bloomberg Beta http://www.bloombergbeta.comUSAcorporate venturing, micro-VC, data driven investmentVenture fund manager focused broadly on the future of work.
Blossom Street Ventures http://www.blossomstreetventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Blue Amber Ventures Management Co LLC USAmicro-VC
Blue Bear Capital LLC http://www.bluebearcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Blue Bear Ventures http://bbv.ioUSAmicro-VC
Blue Cloud Ventures http://www.bluecloudventures.comUSAmicro-VCSoftware-focused growth equity venture capital firm based in New York City.
Blue Collective
Blue Scorpion Investments http://www.bluescorpioninv.comUSAmicro-VC
BlueIO http://www.blueio.coUSAmicro-VC
BOLDstart Ventures http://www.boldstart.vcUSAmicro-VCNew York City-based VC firm focused on technology startups.
Bolt Innovation Management (Bolt)http://www.bolt.ioUSAmicro-VCVenture fund that invests in early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software.
Bonfire Ventures http://www.bonfirevc.comUSAmicro-VC
Boom Capital Ventures http://www.boomcap.coUSAmicro-VCPre-seed, early stage fund for deeply technical, under networked founders building companies of consequence.
Boost VC http://www.boost.vcUSAcrypto funds, accelerator, micro-VC
Bootstrap Venture Partners http://www.bootstrapventurepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
BootstrapLabs http://bootstraplabs.comUSAmicro-VC
BootUp Capital Partners http://www.bootupworld.comUSAmicro-VC
Boulder Ventures Ltd http://www.boulderventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Bowery Capital http://www.bowerycap.comUSAmicro-VCSeed and early stage venture capital firm.
Bragiel Brothers http://bragielbrothers.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture fund founded by Paul and Dan Bragiel.
Brain Trust Accelerator Fund LP http://www.braintrustvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Brainstorm Ventures International LLC http://www.brainstorm.vcUSAmicro-VC
Brand Foundry Ventures (BFV)http://www.brandfoundryvc.comUSAmicro-VC
BrandProject http://www.brandproject.comCANmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on investing in next generation consumer product, service, and technology companies.
BRC Innovation (Brain Robotics Capital Innovation)http://www.brainrobotcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Breakaway Ventures http://www.breakawayventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Breakout Ventures Associates LLC http://www.breakout.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on companies working at the intersections of technology, biology, materials, and energy.
Brick & Mortar Ventures (Brick + Mortar Ventures)http://www.brickmortar.vcUSAmicro-VC
Brightpath Capital Partners http://www.brightpathcapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Bronze Investments LLC (Bronze VC)http://www.bronze.vcUSAmicro-VC
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures (BBV)http://www.brooklynbridge.vcUSAmicro-VC
Bryant Stibel Investments http://www.bryantstibel.comUSAmicro-VC
Building Ventures http://www.buildingventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Bull City Venture Partners http://www.bcvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Bulldog Innovation Group LLC http://www.bulldoginnovationgroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Bullish Inc http://bullish.coUSAmicro-VC
Caerus Ventures http://www.caerusventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Calibrate Ventures http://www.calibratevc.comUSAmicro-VC
Camber Creek http://www.cambercreek.comUSAmicro-VC
Campus Founders Fund http://campusfounders.comUSAmicro-VC
CanopyBoulder http://www.canopyboulder.comUSAmicro-VC
CanopyVentures http://www.canopy.vcUSAmicro-VC
Cantos Ventures http://www.cantos.vcUSAmicro-VCPre-seed and seed-stage venture capital firm that invests predominantly in industrial automation, distributed ledgers, and frontier technology.
Canyon Creek Capital http://www.canyoncreekcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Capita3 http://www.capita3.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital fund investing in women startup founders and the companies they are building.
Capital A Partners http://www.capitalapartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Capital Factory http://www.capitalfactory.comUSAmicro-VCAccelerator and investment firm.
Capital Sports Ventures LLC http://www.capitalsportsventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Capria Ventures http://www.capria.vcUSAmicro-VC
Capstar Partners LLC http://www.capstarpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Carbon Ventures http://www.carbonventures.vcUSAmicro-VC
Carolinas Fintech Ventures (CFV)http://www.fintechvc.usUSAmicro-VC
Casa Verde Capital LLC http://casaverdecapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture Capital firm investing in early and growth-stage companies in the agriculture, wellness and technology industries.
Cassius Family Management LLC http://www.cassiusfamily.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage fund focused on consumer, content and commerce.
Castle Island Ventures http://www.castleisland.vcUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCVenture capital firm focused exclusively on public blockchains.
Catalyst Health Ventures http://www.catalysthealthventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Catapult Ventures http://www.catapultventures.vcUSAmicro-VC
Cayuga Management Group LLC (Cayuga Venture Fund)http://cayugaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
CEI Ventures Inc (CVI)http://www.ceiventures.comUSAmicro-VC, corporate venturingWholly-owned corporate venturing subsidiary of CEI.
Center Electric http://www.cen.vcUSAmicro-VC
CerraCap Ventures http://www.cerracap.comUSAmicro-VC
Chaac Ventures http://www.chaacventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Chattanooga Renaissance Fund http://www.chattanoogarenaissancefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Cheever Capital Management http://www.cheevercapitalmgmt.comUSAmicro-VC
Chestnut Street Ventures http://www.chestnutstreetventures.comUSAmicro-VCAVG fund for Penn alums.
Chicago Ventures http://www.chicagoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Chilango Ventures http://www.chilangoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Chingona Ventures http://chingona.venturesUSAmicro-VC
CincyTech USA http://www.cincytechusa.comUSAmicro-VCPublic-private seed-stage investor with a focus on high potential technology companies in Southwest Ohio.
City Light Capital http://www.citylightcap.comUSAmicro-VC, data driven investment
CityBlock Capital http://cityblockcapital.comUSAmicro-VC, blockchain
Civilization Ventures http://www.civilizationventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Clayton Associates LLC http://www.claytonassociates.comUSAmicro-VC, family officeThe McWhorter family office based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Climate Capital
Clocktower Technology Ventures LLC http://www.clocktowerventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Cloud Apps Capital Partners http://www.cloudappscapital.comUSAmicro-VCMarket-focused venture capital firm leading Classic Series A investments in early stage cloud business application companies.
Cloudstone Capital LLC (云石资本), (Cloudstone Venture Fund)http://www.cloudstonevc.comUSAmicro-VC
Clout Capital http://cloutcapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture Capital investment firm focused on technology in Europe and the Americas.
Co=Creation=Capital (CoCreation Capital)http://www.cocreationcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Cobre Capital http://www.cobre.vcUSAmicro-VC
Coefficient Capital http://www.coefficientcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Coefficient Ventures http://www.coefficient.venturesUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCDecentralized crypto fund with a mission to bring democratised financial system available to everyone in the world.
Cofounders Capital http://www.cofounderscapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Cognitiv Ventures http://www.cognitiv.vcUSAmicro-VC
Collaborative Fund http://www.collaborativefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Colle Capital Partners http://www.collecapital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage technology venture fund.
Combustion Ventures http://www.combustionvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Come Up Capital http://www.comeup.capitalUSAmicro-VC
Comeback Capital http://www.comeback.vcUSAmicro-VC
Comet Labs http://cometlabs.ioUSAmicro-VC
Commerce Ventures http://commercevc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on investing in innovations in the retail and financial services industries.
Commercial Drone Fund http://www.commercialdronefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Communitas Capital http://www.communitascapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Company Ventures
Companyon Ventures http://www.companyon.vcUSAmicro-VC
Compound Ventures http://compound.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed fund that invests in startup and early-stage technology companies.
Conductive Ventures http://www.conductive.vcUSAmicro-VC
Congruent Ventures http://www.congruentvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Connectivity Ventures LLC http://www.connectivitycapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Connetic Ventures http://connetic.venturesdata driven investment, micro-VC
Conscious Venture Lab http://www.consciousventurelab.comUSAmicro-VC
ConsenSys Ventures http://consensys.vccorporate venturing, crypto funds, micro-VCVenture capital fund providing pre-seed and seed capital to blockchain technology startups.
Contemporary Art Partners Inc USAmicro-VC
Contour Venture Partners http://www.contourventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Contrary Capital http://www.contrarycap.comUSAmicro-VC
Conversion Capital LLC http://conversioncapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Coplex Ventures http://www.coplexventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Corazon Capital LLC http://www.corazoncap.comUSAmicro-VC
Core Ventures Group LLC http://www.coreventuresgroup.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
Corigin Ventures http://www.coriginventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Cota Capital http://www.cotacapital.comUSAmicro-VCSan Francisco-based multi-stage investment firm focused on private and public modern enterprise technology companies.
Cottonwood Technology Fund http://www.cottonwoodtechnologyfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Counterview Capital http://counterview.vcUSAmicro-VC
Courtside Ventures http://www.courtsidevc.comUSAmicro-VCVentre capital firm focusing on early-stage founders challenging the traditional definition of sports, digital media, fitness, and gaming.
CoVenture VC http://coventure.vcUSAcrypto funds, micro-VC
Cowboy Ventures http://cowboy.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital fund.
Creative Ventures http://www.creativeventures.vcUSAmicro-VCSystematic venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups using deep technology in the non-internet sectors.
Cresco Capital Partners LLC http://www.crescocapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
CrowdFunder Inc http://www.crowdfunder.comUSAmicro-VC
Crystal Towers http://www.crystaltowersapartments.comUSAmicro-VCMicroventure capital firm in New York that is backed by several Y Combinator founders.
CSR Venture Capital http://www.crystaltowersapartments.comUSAmicro-VC
CTW Venture Partners LLC http://www.ctwvp.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage entrepreneurs in Atlanta and throughout the US southeast.
Cue Ball Group LLC http://www.cueball.comUSAmicro-VC
Cultivation Capital http://www.cultivationcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Cypress Growth Capital LLC http://www.cypressgrowthcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Dakota Venture Group http://www.dakotaventuregroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Darling Ventures LLC http://darlingventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Data Point Capital http://www.datapointcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Day One Ventures http://dayoneventures.coUSAmicro-VC
Deciens Capital LLC http://deciens.comUSAmicro-VC
Deep Fork Capital (DFC)http://www.deepforkcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Deepwork Capital http://www.deepworkcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Define Ventures Management LLC http://definevc.comUSAmicro-VC
Designer Fund http://designerfund.comUSAmicro-VC
DevLabs Ventures http://www.devlabs.vcUSAmicro-VC
DGNL Ventures http://www.dgnl.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture fund focused exclusively on the consumer sector.
Differential Ventures http://www.differential.vcUSAmicro-VC
DigiTx Partners LLC http://www.digitx.comUSAmicro-VC
Dioko Ventures http://www.diokoventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on healthcare services and technology.
Divergent Ventures LLC http://www.divergentvc.comUSAmicro-VC
DominateFund USAmicro-VCSeed-stage VC firm that invests in and accelerates the growth of startups.
Dorm Room Fund http://www.dormroomfund.comUSAdata driven investment, micro-VC
Dot Capital Corp http://www.dotcapital.comUSAmicro-VCNew York City based boutique venture capital firm.
Dove Capital Partners LLC http://www.dovecapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital and advisory firm focused on two sectors within financial services – payments and alternative channels.
Draft Ventures http://draftvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Dream Machine http://www.dreammachine.vcUSAmicro-VC
Dreamit Ventures http://www.dreamit.comUSAaccelerator, micro-VCMicro-venture fund that incubates a class of early stage start-ups every summer
Dundee Venture Capital http://dundeeventurecapital.comUSAmicro-VCOmaha-based seed-stage venture capital firm
DunRobin Ventures LLC http://dunrobinventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Dynamo Management Company LLC (Dynamo Ventures), (Dynamo VC)http://www.dynamo.vcUSAmicro-VC
E14 Fund http://www.e14fund.comUSAmicro-VC
Early Impact Ventures LLC USAmicro-VC
Early Stage Partners http://www.esplp.comUSAmicro-VC
Echelon Capital LLC http://www.echcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF)http://www.ecosystemintegrity.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in early growth stage companies contributing to environmental sustainability. http://edelweiss.vcUSAmicro-VC
EES Ventures http://www.eesventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Ekistic Ventures http://www.ekistic.comUSAmicro-VC
eLab Capital Partners (eLab Ventures)http://www.elabvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Elefund Management Company LLC (Elefund)http://www.elefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Elementum Ventures http://www.elementum.vcUSAmicro-VC
Elevate Innovation Partners LLC http://www.eipfund.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital fund which focuses on the financial services ecosystem
Elevate Management LLC http://www.elevate.vcUSAmicro-VC, female founders
Elevate Ventures Inc http://www.elevateventures.comUSAinvestment, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, high tech, software, technology, biotechnology, micro-VCElevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies.
Elysium Venture Capital http://ely.vcUSAmicro-VC
Embark Ventures http://www.embark.vcUSAmicro-VCPre-seed and seed stage fund focused on "deep tech" companies.Embark Ventures is a pre-seed and seed stage fund focused on "deep tech" companies. We look for ambitious teams with break-through proprietary technology which provides a highly defensible competitive advantage in transforming multi-billion dollar industries.
Emergent Ventures http://www.emergent.vcUSAmicro-VC
Enabling Future http://enablingfuture.comUSAmicro-VC
Endeavor Catalyst
Endure Capital http://www.endurecap.comUSAmicro-VC
Energy Transformation Investors LLC USAmicro-VC
Engage Ventures http://www.engage.vcUSAmicro-VC
Engineering Capital http://www.engineeringcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
ENIAC Ventures http://www.eniac.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture fund focusing exclusively on the mobile revolution: smartphones, wearables, drones, robots and IoT
EnterVentures http://www.enterventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Entourage Effect Capital http://entourageeffectcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Envision Ventures http://www.envisionvc.comUSAmicro-VC
EPIC Ventures http://www.epicvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Epidarex Capital http://www.epidarex.comUSAmicro-VC
Equal Ventures http://www.equal.vcUSAmicro-VC
ESO Fund (Employee Stock Option Fund)http://www.esofund.comUSAmicro-VC
Estalea http://www.estalea.comUSAmicro-VC
Eudemian Ventures http://www.eudemianventures.comUSAmicro-VC
EVC Ventures http://www.evc.venturesUSAmicro-VC
Evolv Ventures http://www.evolv.vcUSAmicro-VC, corporate venturingUSD 100 million venture capital fund backed by Kraft Heinz to invest in early stage technology companies disrupting the food industry.
Excelerate Health Ventures http://www.exceleratehealth.comUSAmicro-VC
Excell Partners Inc http://www.excellny.comUSAmicro-VC
Expa Capital http://www.expa.comCYMmicro-VC
Exponent Venture http://www.exponent.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm founded by Y Combinator alumni that invests in and grows early-stage technology companies.
ExSight Ventures LLC http://www.exsightventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm specializing in early-stage impact investments in innovative ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment solutions.
F7 Ventures http://www.f7ventures.vcUSAmicro-VC, female founders
Fathom Capital http://www.fathomcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Fearless Ventures LLC http://www.fearless.vcUSAmicro-VC
Fenox Venture Capital http://www.fenoxvc.comUSAmicro-VC
FF Miruvor Management LLC USAmicro-VC
FFF Management Co LLC (Female Founders Fund), (F Cubed)http://www.femalefoundersfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Fifth Season Ventures http://www.fifthseasonventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focusing on the technologies driving circularity between materials, design, processes and waste.
Fifty Years Industries LLC (50 Years)http://www.fifty.vcUSAmicro-VC
Fika Ventures http://fika.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
Fintech Collective http://www.fintech.ioUSAmicro-VC
Fintech Ventures http://www.fintechv.commicro-VC
FINTOP Capital http://www.fintopcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Firebolt Ventures http://www.fireboltventures.comUSAmicro-VCOperator-led early stage venture fund.
Firebrand Management LLC (Firebrand Ventures)http://www.firebrandvc.comUSAmicro-VCKansas City-based VC firm focused on early-stage companies in the greater Midwest.
First Catalyst Ventures LLC http://firstcatalyst.venturesUSAmicro-VC
First Leaf Capital http://www.firstleafcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
First Star Ventures http://www.firststar.vcUSAmicro-VC
FirstMile Ventures http://www.firstmilevc.comUSAmicro-VCSeed-stage venture capital firm.
Firstrock Capital http://www.firstrock.vcUSAmicro-VC
Fitz Gate Ventures http://www.fitzgate.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm that invests in startups in which a Princetonian is either a founder or a member of the senior management team.
FJ Labs http://fjlabs.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm - the holding company of Fabrice Grinda and Jose Marin.
Fjord Ventures http://www.fjordventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Flashpoint Investments LLC http://flashpoint.coUSAmicro-VC
FlashPoint Venture Capital http://www.flashpointvc.comGBRmicro-VC
Flatiron Fund http://www.flatironpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Flight Ventures http://flight.vcmicro-VC, data driven investmentThe first fund that was built by leveraging AngelList syndicates.
Florida Funders http://www.floridafunders.comUSAmicro-VC
Flybridge Capital Partners http://www.flybridge.comUSAmicro-VCBoston-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments
Flying Fish Management LLC (Flying Fish Partners)http://www.flyingfish.vcUSAmicro-VC
Flying L Partners http://www.flyinglpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Flyover Capital http://www.flyovercapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Flywheel Ventures http://www.flywheelventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Fontinalis Partners LLC http://www.fontinalis.comUSAmicro-VCStrategic investment firm focused exclusively on next-generation mobility companies
Forté Ventures http://www.forteventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Founder Collective http://www.foundercollective.comUSAmicro-VCSeed-stage venture capital fund
Founder Equity LLC http://www.founderequity.comUSAmicro-VC
Founders' Co-op http://www.founderscoop.comUSAmicro-VC http://www.foundry.aiUSAmicro-VC
Fountainhead Investment Partners LLC http://www.fountainheadinvestors.comUSAmicro-VC
Four Rivers Group http://www.fourriversgroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Free Sky Capital (FreeSky Capital)http://www.freeskycapital.comUSAmicro-VC, angel investment
Freestyle Capital http://freestyle.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.
Fresh Tracks Capital http://www.freshtrackscap.comUSAmicro-VC
Fresh VC http://www.freshvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Frontcourt Ventures http://www.frontcourtgroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Frontier Venture Capital (Draper Frontier)http://www.draperfrontier.comUSAmicro-VC
Fuel Capital http://fuelcapital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm focused on consumer, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure companies.
FundRx Inc http://fundrx.comUSAmicro-VC
Fusion Fund http://www.fusionfund.comUSAmicro-VC
FusionX Ventures http://www.fusionxventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Future\Perfect Ventures (FPV), (Future Perfect Ventures)http://futureperfectventures.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VC
G20 Ventures http://www.g20vc.comUSAmicro-VC
GA Holding Company LLC (Grand Angels)http://www.grandangels.orgUSAmicro-VC
Galvanize Ventures USAmicro-VC
Gambit Ventures http://www.gambit.coUSAmicro-VC
Garuda Ventures http://www.garudaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Gelt Venture Capital (Gelt VC)http://www.geltvc.commicro-VC
Generation Partners http://www.generation.comUSAmicro-VC
Generator Ventures Management LLC http://generatorvc.comUSAmicro-VCInvestment platform focused exclusively at the intersection of aging, senior care & technology.
Genoa Ventures http://www.genoavc.comUSAmicro-VC
GFR Fund (GREE VR Capital)http://www.gfrfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Gigafund http://www.gigafund.comUSAmicro-VC
Glenmont Mucker Management LLC (Mucker Capital)http://www.muckercapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Go Venture Capital (Go VC)http://www.govc.comUSAmicro-VCEarly seed venture capital firm that invests in a diverse range of young startups in the tech space and beyond.
GoAhead Ventures http://www.goaheadvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Gold Sky Capital LLC http://www.goldskycapital.comUSAmicro-VCTechnology investment group backed by a strategic network of senior operating executives and family offices.
Golden Section Technology Venture Capital http://www.gstvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Good AI Capital http://goodai.capitalUSAmicro-VC
Good Capital http://goodcapital.vcINDmicro-VC
Gore Range Capital http://www.gorerangecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Govtech Fund http://www.govtechfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Gradient Ventures http://www.gradient.comUSAdata driven investment, micro-VCGoogle’s AI-focused early stage venture fund.
Grand Ventures http://www.grandvcp.comUSAmicro-VC
Grandis Ventures http://www.grandisventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Granite Hill Capital Partners http://www.granitehill.netUSAmicro-VC
Gravity Ventures Inc http://www.gravityventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Gray Matters Capital http://graymatterscap.comUSAmicro-VC
GrayGhost Ventures http://www.grayghostventures.commicro-VC
Grayhawk Capital
Great North Labs http://www.greatnorthlabs.comUSAmicro-VC
Green Bay Ventures Manager LLC http://www.greenbayventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Green D Ventures fund for Dartmouth alums.
Green Visor Capital Management Company LLC http://www.greenvisorcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Grey Sky Venture Partners http://www.greyskyvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Grishin Robotics http://www.grishinrobotics.commicro-VC
Grit Capital Partners http://www.grit.vcUSAmicro-VC
Grit Labs http://www.gritventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Grit Ventures http://www.gritventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Ground Up Ventures http://www.groundup.vcUSAmicro-VC
Group 11 (Ursus Ventures)http://group11.vcUSAmicro-VC
Growth Street Partners http://growthstreetpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
GrowthX http://www.growthx.comUSAmicro-VC
GSV Acceleration LLC (GSV AcceleraTE)http://gsv.venturesUSAmicro-VC
Hackers/Founders http://www.hf.cxUSAmicro-VC
Hall Venture Partners http://www.hallvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Halley Venture Partners LP http://www.halleyvp.comUSAmicro-VCCannabis technology venture Fund.
Halogen Ventures http://www.halogenvc.comUSAmicro-VC, female foundersEarly stage venture capital fund focused on investment in female founded consumer technology.
Happiness Ventures http://www.happinessvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Harbinger Ventures LLC http://www.harbingerventuresllc.comUSAmicro-VC
Hardware Club http://www.hardwareclub.coFRAmicro-VCGlobal venture capital fund dedicated to full-stack and hardtech startups.
Harpoon Ventures http://harpoon.vcUSAmicro-VC
Harrison Metal Capital http://www.harrisonmetal.comUSAmicro-VC
Hatteras Venture Partners (HVP)http://www.hatterasvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Haystack ​Management Company LLC http://haystack.vcUSAmicro-VC
HCS Capital Partners http://www.hcscapital.comUSAmicro-VC
HealthInvest Equity Partners http://www.healthinvestequity.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage healthcare services venture capital firm.
HealthVenture Capital http://www.healthventure.comUSAmicro-VC
HealthX Ventures http://www.healthxventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Healthy Ventures http://www.healthy.vcUSAmicro-VC
Heartland Ventures http://www.heartlandvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Heavybit Inc http://www.heavybit.comUSAaccelerator, micro-VCSan Francisco-based accelerator that helps entrepreneurs start DevOps and enterprise companies.
Hemi Ventures http://www.hemi.vcUSAmicro-VC
Heroic Ventures http://www.heroicvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Heuristic Capital Partners http://www.heuristiccapital.comGBRmicro-VC
Hickory Ridge Capital http://www.hickoryridgecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
High Alpha Studio LLC http://www.highalpha.comUSAmicro-VC
High Country Venture LLC http://www.highcountryventure.comUSAmicro-VC
Higher Order VC http://www.higherorder.vcUSAmicro-VC
Highlander Fund USAmicro-VC
Hinge Capital http://hingecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
HNVR Technology Investment Management LLC (Hanover Capital), (Hanover Technology Investment Management)http://www.hnvr.comUSAmicro-VC
HOF Capital http://www.hofvc.comUSAdata driven investment, micro-VC
Homebrew http://homebrew.coUSAmicro-VC
Hone Capital http://honecap.comUSAventure capital, artificial intelligence, micro-VC, data driven investment
Hot Llama Ventures LLC USAmicro-VC
Human Ventures LLC http://humanventures.coUSAmicro-VC
Humanity United http://humanityunited.orgUSAmicro-VCFoundation dedicated to bringing new approaches to global problems that have long been considered intractable.
Hustle Fund http://www.hustlefund.vcUSAmicro-VC
Hyde Park Venture Partners Management LLC http://hydeparkvp.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on high-growth technology startups in the Midwest.
IECP Fund Management http://www.iecp.comUSAmicro-VC
iFly http://www.ifly.vcUSAmicro-VC
Ignite Farm http://www.ignitefarm.comGBRmicro-VC
Illinois Ventures LLC http://www.illinoisventures.comUSAmicro-VCSeed and early-stage investment firm focused on research-derived companies in information technologies, physical sciences, life sciences and cleantech
Illuminate Ventures http://www.illuminate.comUSAmicro-VC
Ilona Capital http://www.ilonacapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Imaginary Ventures http://www.imaginary.coUSAmicro-VC
Impact America Management LLC (Impact America Fund)http://www.impactamericafund.comUSAmicro-VC
Impact Capital http://www.impactcapital.orgUSAmicro-VC
Impact Venture Capital http://www.impactvc.comUSAmicro-VC
InCube Ventures LLC http://www.incubevc.comUSAmicro-VCLife science venture capital firm focused on investing in extraordinary innovations that solve unmet clinical needs for large patient populations.
IncWell http://www.theincwell.netUSAmicro-VC
Indicator Ventures http://www.indicatorventures.comUSAmicro-VC http://www.indie.vcUSAmicro-VC
IndusAge Partners http://www.indusage.comUSAmicro-VC
Infinite Road Capital http://www.infiniteroadcapital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage consumer lifecycle focused venture capital firm.
Inner Loop Capital http://www.innerloopcap.comUSAmicro-VC
InnerProduct Partners http://www.innerproductpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Innosphere Fund http://www.innosphere.orgUSAmicro-VC
Innova Memphis Inc http://www.innovamemphis.comUSAmicro-VC
Innovation Works http://www.innovationworks.orgUSAmicro-VCThe Ben Franklin Technology Partner in the Pittsburgh area.
Inside Capital LLC http://www.inside.capitalUSAmicro-VC
InSite Partners LLC http://www.insitepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Inspiration Ventures http://www.inspirationventures.commicro-VC
InstantScale Ventures http://www.instantscale.comUSAmicro-VC
Interlace Ventures http://interlaceventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Interlock Partners http://www.interlock.vcUSAmicro-VC
Interplay VC http://www.interplay.vcUSAmicro-VC
Intudo Ventures http://www.intudovc.commicro-VCIndonesia focused venture capital firm.
Inventus Capital Partners http://www.inventuscap.commicro-VC
Invest Detroit Ventures (ID Ventures)http://www.investdetroit.comUSAmicro-VCThe venture capital team of Invest Detroit.
Investo LLC (Investo Mex)http://www.investomex.comMEXmicro-VC
InXSeed USAmicro-VC
iSeed Ventures LLC http://www.iseedvc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture fund for changing digital health, IoT, and consumer technology.
JANVEST Capital Partners http://www.janvest.comUSAmicro-VC
JLL Spark, corporate venturingGlobal venture fund transforming commercial real estate.
Joyance Partners (Joyance Ventures)http://www.joyancepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Jump Capital Corp http://jumpcap.commicro-VC
JUMP Investors http://jumpinvestors.comcrypto funds, micro-VC
JumpStart Foundry http://www.jsf.coUSAmicro-VC
JumpStart Inc http://www.jumpstartinc.orgUSAmicro-VC
Juxtapose http://www.juxtapose.comUSAmicro-VC
K5 Ventures http://k5ventures.comUSAmicro-VC
K9 Ventures http://www.k9ventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Kairos Venture Investments LLC (Kairos Ventures)http://www.kairosventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Kalei Ventures http://www.kaleiventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Katalyst Ventures Management LLC http://katalyst.venturesUSAmicro-VCEarly stage investment fund focused on big markets, automation, and extreme data intelligence.
Kauffman Fellows Fund http://www.kauffmanfellows.orgUSAmicro-VC
KB Partners LLC http://www.kbpartners.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on innovation at the intersection of sport and technology.
KCRise Fund LLC http://www.kcrisefund.comUSAmicro-VC
KdT Ventures http://www.kdtvc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm with a focus on early-stage science venture investing.
KEC Ventures http://www.kecventures.commicro-VC
Keen Growth Capital http://www.keengrowthcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Kickstart Seed Fund http://kickstartfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Kiplin Capital LLC http://www.kiplincapital.comUSAmicro-VCMulti-stage venture capital fund.
Kirenaga Partners LLC http://www.kirenaga.comUSAmicro-VC
Kitchen Ventures (Kitchen Fund)http://www.kitchenfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Knoll Ventures http://www.knollventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Kodem Growth Partners http://www.kodemgrowth.comUSAmicro-VCInvestment and commercialization firm scaling technology enabled businesses with capital and access to decision makers globally.
Kokopelli Capital http://www.kokopelli.vcmicro-VC
Kombo Ventures http://www.komboventures.comUSAmicro-VC
La Famiglia GmbH http://lafamiglia.vcDEUmicro-VC
Laconia Capital Group LP http://www.laconiacapitalgroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Lakehouse Ventures http://www.lakehouse.vcUSAmicro-VC
Las Olas Venture Capital http://www.lasolasvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Lattice Ventures LLC http://www.lattice.vcUSAmicro-VC
Launch Angels Funds LLC http://www.theyardventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Launch Tennessee http://launchtn.orgUSAmicro-VCPublic-private partnership with a vision to make Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the United States.
Launchpad Digital Health LLC http://www.launchpdh.comUSAmicro-VC
Lavrock Ventures http://www.lavrockvc.comUSAmicro-VC
LDV Capital http://www.ldv.comicro-VC
LDV Partners http://www.ldvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Leading Edge Ventures http://www.leadingedgevc.comUSAmicro-VCSeed and early stage venture capital firm.
Leadout Capital (Leadout Capital Partners)http://leadoutcapital.squarespace.comUSAmicro-VC
LEAP Global Partners http://www.leapglobalpartners.comUSAmicro-VCCross-border venture capital firm that invest in LatinX founders and startups that view the Latin American market as critical to their long-term succe
LearnStart http://www.learnstart.vcUSAmicro-VC
Leawood Ventures LLC (Leawood Venture Capital)http://www.leawoodvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Lemnos Labs http://lemnos.vcUSAmicro-VC
Life Ventures Management LLC http://www.lifeventures.netUSAmicro-VC
LifeForce Capital http://www.lifeforcecap.comUSAmicro-VC
LifeSci Venture Partners http://www.lifesciventure.comUSAmicro-VC
Lift Partners LLC USAmicro-VC
Limulus Venture Partners micro-VC
Link Ventures LLC http://www.linkventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Link-age http://www.linkageconnect.comUSAmicro-VC
Linn Grove Ventures http://www.linngroveventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in technology companies solving unmet market needs in animal health and food markets.
LionBird (Ventures) Ltd (Lion Bird)http://www.lionbird.commicro-VC
Lionheart Ventures http://lionheart.vcUSAmicro-VCGlobal, seed-stage venture capital firm investing in companies that make humanity more resilient.
Liquid 2 Ventures LP http://www.liquid2.vcUSAmicro-VC
Listen Ventures http://www.listen.coUSAmicro-VC
LJ Ventures http://edelweiss.vcUSAmicro-VC
Long Venture Partners http://www.longvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Longevity Ventures http://lvf.vcUSAmicro-VC
Longwood Fund http://www.longwoodfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Loup Ventures LLC http://www.loupventures.comUSAmicro-VCResearch-driven venture capital firm based in Minneapolis and New York investing in frontier tech companies.
LRVHealth http://www.lrvhealth.comUSAmicro-VC
LSV Capital Management LLC (Lightstone Ventures)http://lightstonevc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm with focus on life science companies.
Lucas Venture Group (LVG)http://www.lucasvg.comUSAmicro-VC
Ludlow Management Group LLC (Ludlow Ventures)http://www.ludlowventures.commicro-VC
LUMA Capital Partners http://www.lumacapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Lumia Capital http://www.lumiacapital.commicro-VCVenture capital firm.
Luminari Capital http://www.luminaricapital.commicro-VC
Lynett Capital LLC http://www.lynettcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
M25 Group LLC http://www.m25vc.commicro-VC
M3 Ventures http://www.m3ventures.comUSAmicro-VC
M34 Capital Inc http://www.m34capital.comUSAmicro-VCInvestment company commercializing the most promising technologies seeded by federally funded research.
MaC Venture Capital http://macventurecapital.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
MadDog Ventures Management LLC (MadDog Ventures)http://www.maddogvc.commicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in companies that are developing and marketing cloud-based business applications.
Magnetico Ventures http://magnetico.vcUSAmicro-VC
Maiden Lane Ventures LLC http://maidenlane.commicro-VC
ManchesterStory Fund Management LP (ManchesterStory Group)http://www.manchesterstory.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage independent venture capital firm focused on insurtech.
Mango Capital USAmicro-VCSeed / early stage venture capital fund primarily focused on enterprise software.
Marcy Venture Partners (MVP)http://marcyvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Mark 2 Capital http://www.mk2c.comUSAmicro-VC
Market One Capital http://moc.vcmicro-VC
Matchstick Ventures http://www.matchstickventures.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
MATH Venture Partners http://www.mathventurepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Matter Ventures http://www.matter.vcUSAmicro-VC, accelerator
Maven Ventures http://www.mavenventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage investor and incubator for consumer mobile and social startups
Max Ventures http://maxventures.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage investment firm based in New York City.
Maya Capital http://www.maya.capitalUSAmicro-VC
Maywic Select Investments http://www.maywic.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage and growth stage investor in consumer products and retail that promote healthy lifestyles, wellness, and wellbeing.
MB Venture Partners http://www.mbventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Medical Technology Venture Partners (MedTech Venture Partners)http://www.medtechvp.comUSAmicro-VC
MedScience Ventures LLC (MSV)http://www.medscienceventures.comUSAmicro-VCUS, Europe, and Asia-based fund management company focused on emerging life science and medical technologies.
Meloy Fund GP http://www.meloyfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Mendota Venture Capital LLC http://themendotagroup.comUSAmicro-VC
Merus Capital http://www.meruscap.comUSAmicro-VC
Metamorphic Ventures LLC USAmicro-VC
MetaProp NYC http://www.metaprop.orgUSAmicro-VC
MHS Capital Partners http://www.mhscapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Micron Ventures, corporate venturing
Middleland Capital http://www.middlelandcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Mighty Capital http://www.mighty.capitalUSAmicro-VC
MiLA Capital (Make in LA)http://mila.vcUSAmicro-VC
Militello Capital LLC http://www.militellocapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Millworks Fund http://www.millworksfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Mindfull Investors http://www.mindfullinvestors.comUSAmicro-VC
Mindset Ventures http://www.mindset.venturesUSAmicro-VCInternational early stage Venture Capital firm with investment focus primarily in the United States and Israel.
Mission Bay Capital Management LLC http://www.missionbaycapital.commicro-VCEarly-stage life-science venture capital firm investing in innovative entrepreneurs working on vital medical and environmental challenges.
MissionOG (MOG)http://www.missionog.commicro-VC
MITA Ventures http://www.mitaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
MizMaa Ventures http://www.mizmaa.comUSAmicro-VC
MkII Ventures http://mkiiventures.comUSAstartup incubator, micro-VC
Mobile Foundation Ventures (MFV Partners)http://www.mfvpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Mobility Ventures LLC http://www.mobilityventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Moderne Ventures http://www.moderneventures.commicro-VC
Moment Ventures http://www.momentventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Moneta Ventures LLC http://www.monetaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Monitor Ventures http://www.monitorventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Monstro Ventures http://monstro.vcUSAmicro-VC
Monta Vista Capital http://www.montavc.comUSAmicro-VC
Montage Ventures http://www.montageventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Moonshots Capital LLC http://www.moonshotscapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Morado Venture Partners http://www.moradoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Morro Ventures http://www.morroventures.comPRImicro-VC
Mosaik Partners LLC http://www.mosaikpartners.commicro-VCMosaik Partners is dedicated to funding innovative growth companies at the intersection of technology and commerce.
Mosley Ventures http://www.mosleyventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Motus Ventures http://www.motusventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Moxxie Ventures http://www.moxxie.vcUSAmicro-VC
Mucker Capital LP http://www.muckercapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Muse Capital http://www.musecapital.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage fund that focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who are disrupting the consumer space.
Musha Ventures http://www.mushaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Mutual Capital Partners (MCP)http://www.mutualcapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Nashville Capital Network Investment Arm http://www.nashvillecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Navitas Capital http://www.navitascap.comUSAmicro-VC
Naya Ventures http://www.nayaventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm focused mainly on US and India-based companies.
Nebraska Global Investment Company LLC http://www.nebraskaglobal.comUSAmicro-VC
Neo Fund http://www.neo.comUSAmicro-VC
Network Ventures http://www.networkventures.vcUSAmicro-VC
New Age Capital http://www.newage.vcUSAmicro-VC
New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NewBoCo)http://www.newbo.coUSAmicro-VC
New Crop Capital http://www.newcropcapital.comGBRmicro-VC
New Ground Ventures http://www.ngv.usUSAmicro-VC
New Markets Venture Partners http://www.newmarketsvp.comUSAmicro-VC
New Orleans Biofund
New Richmond Ventures (NRV)http://www.nrv.vcmicro-VC
New Science Ventures (NSV)http://www.newscienceventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in both early and late stage companies using novel scientific approaches to address significant unmet needs.
New Stack Ventures http://www.newstack.vcUSAmicro-VC
New Voices Fund http://newvoicesfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Newark Venture Partners http://www.newarkventurepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Next 10 Ventures http://www.next10ventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Next Coast Ventures http://www.nextcoastventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Next Frontier Capital http://www.nextfrontiercapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Next Level Ventures http://www.nextlevelvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Next Wave Impact LLC http://nextwaveimpact.comUSAmicro-VC
Next Wave Ventures http://www.nextwave.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on commercializing university research and advanced technologies.
NextGen Venture Partners http://www.nextgenvp.comUSAmicro-VC
NextView Ventures http://nextviewventures.comUSAmicro-VC, data driven investmentSeed-stage venture capital firm focused on internet-enabled startups.
NOEMIS Ventures LLC http://www.noemisventures.comISRmicro-VC
Nohovation http://www.illannpower.comUSAmicro-VC
North Base Media http://www.northbasemedia.comUSAmicro-VCGlobal venture-capital firm with a singular focus on media, content and information technologies in the world's fastest growing markets.
Notation Capital Management LLC http://notation.vcUSAmicro-VC
Novel Growth Partners http://www.novelgp.comUSAmicro-VC, revenue based financing
Nueterra Capital Management LLC http://www.nueterra.comUSAmicro-VC
NXT Ventures http://www.nxtventures.comUSAmicro-VC
OakHouse Partners http://oakhousepartners.comUSAmicro-VC
OCA Venture Partners (OCA Ventures)http://www.ocaventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on equity investments in technology and highly-scalable services businesses.
Ocean Azul Partners http://www.oceanazulpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Off The Grid Ventures http://www.otgventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Okapi Venture Capital LLC http://www.okapivc.comUSAmicro-VC
Old Line Capital Partners http://www.oldlinecap.comUSAmicro-VC
Olive Capital http://www.olive-capital.comicro-VC
One Better Ventures http://www.1bv.coUSAmicro-VC
One Way Ventures http://www.onewayvc.comUSAmicro-VC
OneTen Capital http://onetencapital.comUSAmicro-VC
ONEVC http://www.onevc.vcUSAmicro-VC
Operative Capital http://www.operativecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Orchestra Medical Ventures http://www.orchestramv.comUSAmicro-VC
Oregon Venture Fund http://www.oregonangelfund.comUSAmicro-VC
Origin Ventures http://www.originventures.comUSAmicro-VC, data driven investmentVenture capital firm specializing in early stage investments.
Oriza Ventures http://www.orizaventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Otherwise Fund http://www.otherwisefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Oui Capital http://ouicapital.vcUSAmicro-VC
Ovo Fund http://www.ovofund.comUSAmicro-VC
Ozmen Ventures http://www.ozmenventures.commicro-VCSeed and early-stage venture capital fund, supporting innovative solutions to traditional problems in the Northern Nevada region and beyond.
Palapa Ventures http://www.palapavc.comUSAmicro-VC
Pappas Ventures (Pappas Capital)http://www.pappasventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Parade Ventures http://parade.vcmicro-VC
Patamar Capital http://www.patamar.comUSAmicro-VC
Pathbreaker Ventures LLC http://www.pathbreakervc.comUSAmicro-VC
Peate Ventures http://www.peateventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Peesh Venture Capital (PVC)http://peeshvc.comINDmicro-VC
Pereg Ventures http://www.peregventures.commicro-VC
Phoenix Venture Partners LLC (PVP)http://www.phoenix-vp.commicro-VCVenture capital firm with focus on advanced materials.
Phyto Partners http://www.phytopartners.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in businesses operating in and around the Cannabis industry.
Pillar Companies http://www.pillar.vcUSAmicro-VC
Pioneer Fund http://www.pioneerfund.vcUSAmicro-VC
Pioneer Square Labs Holdings LLC http://www.psl.comUSAmicro-VC
Pipeline Capital Partners http://www.pipeline.vcUSAmicro-VC
PivotNorth Capital http://www.pivotnorth.comUSAmicro-VC
PJC http://pjc.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture firm focused on investing in, supporting, and building relationships with entrepreneurs who are creating the future.
Point Judith Capital http://pjc.vcUSAmicro-VC
PointGuard Ventures http://www.pointguardventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Portfolia Inc http://www.portfolia.comUSAmicro-VC, womenEntrepreneurial investing platform designed for women.
Precursor Ventures http://precursorvc.comcrypto funds, micro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.Precursor Ventures is a classic seed stage venture capital firm investing in long-term relationships with founders we believe in.
Presence Capital http://www.presencecap.comUSAmicro-VC
Primary Venture Partners http://www.primary.vcUSAmicro-VC
Prime Movers Lab http://www.primemoverslab.comUSAmicro-VC
Progress Ventures http://www.progressventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Project 11 Ventures http://www.project11.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage software and technology venture capital firm.
Promus Ventures http://www.promusventures.comUSAmicro-VC
PROOF Fund http://www.proof.vcUSAmicro-VC
Proof of Capital http://proof.fundUSAmicro-VC
PureTech Ventures LLC http://www.puretechventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Purple Arch Ventures http://www.purplearchventures.comUSAmicro-VCAVG fund for Northwestern alums.
Purvi Capital LLC http://purvicapital.comUSAmicro-VC
QBE Ventures, corporate venturing
Quake Capital Partners http://www.quakecapital.comUSAaccelerator, data driven investment, micro-VC
Queen City Angels http://www.qca.comUSAmicro-VC
Quest Venture Partners (Quest Ventures)http://www.questvp.comUSAmicro-VC
Questa Capital http://www.questacapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Quiet Capital http://www.qcequity.comUSAmicro-VC
Quiet Capital http://www.quiet.comUSAmicro-VC
Ranch Ventures http://ranch.vcUSAmicro-VC
Reach Capital http://www.reachcap.comUSAmicro-VC
Rebel Fund http://www.rebelfund.vcUSAmicro-VC, data driven investment
Reciprocal Ventures http://recvc.comUSAmicro-VCNew York City based venture capital (VC) firm, focused exclusively on FinTech.
Red & Blue Ventures http://www.redandblue.vcUSAmicro-VCProvider of venture capital for the University of Pennsylvania community.Red + Blue Ventures is a privately owned and operated, seed and early-stage venture capital fund that invests in companies from the Penn ecosystem. We primarily focus on investments in the information technology industry, where our experience and our networks allow us to add the most value to companies. We define this broadly to include hardware, software, ecommerce and technology-enabled services companies that sell to either businesses or consumers. We will consider investments in other areas, however, if the company has a sufficiently strong connection to Penn and a strong syndicate of co-investors with deep domain expertise. Red+Blue Ventures is managed by Penn alumni and focuses on Penn companies. These companies typically have key founders or managers who are students, faculty members, or alumni of the university. Sometimes, the companies are based on intellectual property that originated at Penn. However, Red & Blue is wholly independent of and not affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.
Red Cedar Ventures http://www.redcedarventures.comUSAmicro-VC, corporate venturingVenture capital fund affiliated with Michigan State University.Red Cedar Ventures (RCV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan State University Foundation (MSUF). Founded in 2014, RCV is proud to be the first venture fund in Mid-Michigan. RCV’s objective is to help accelerate commercialization of startups creating opportunities for MSU technologies, ecosystem partners and Pure Michigan. Our vision is to be the leading Mid-Michigan Venture Fund providing economic impact for the region and the state with new jobs, new companies and value-added partnerships.
Red Dog Capital http://www.reddogcap.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
Refactor Capital http://www.refactor.commicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.Seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in founders tackling problems in hard but not impossible areas such as applied biology, health, wellness, food, agriculture, materials, chemicals, aerospace, and more.
Refinery Management LLC (Refinery Ventures)http://www.refinery.comUSAmicro-VC
Reimagined Ventures (RIVC)http://www.rivc.commicro-VC
Reinventure Capital LP http://www.reinventurecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Renn Ventures http://www.rennventures.comUSAmicro-VCGlobal asset firm providing capital and innovation solutions to venture-backed companies and multinational corporate institutions.We specialize in facilitating cross-border innovation between Silicon Valley and Asia.
Reshape http://www.reshape.coUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in technology-enabled companies that need real estate to scale
Resolute Ventures http://resolute.vcmicro-VCPre-seed venture capital firm.Resolute Ventures is a lead seed and “pre-seed” investor focused on backing and connecting a community of Founders who share an entrepreneurial spirit and energy. As a community, we are driven by a need to work on things that matter, and to both give and receive help along the way. Our founders and partners have worked on companies including Automattic, Bark & Co, Clutter, Dogpatch Labs, Greats, Greenhouse Software, Open Door, Orbitera (acquired by Google), Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft) and Trackr.
Rethink Capital Partners (Rethink VC)http://www.rethink.vcUSAmicro-VCRethink Capital Partners is an umbrella platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles, which focus on financial and social returns including gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development.
Revel Partners LLC http://www.revelpartners.comUSAmicro-VC
RezVen Partners http://www.rezven.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm with a focus on early and growth-stage companies in the tech space.
Rhapsody Venture Partners http://rhapsodyvp.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused oh nard science startups addressing industrial problems.
Richmond Global Ventures http://www.rglobalventures.comUSAmicro-VCWe seek entrepreneurs building disruptive technologies that benefit from strong network effects. In the U.S., we target early stage venture opportunities that will scale globally. In emerging markets, we leverage our strong, long-lasting relationship with the Endeavor network to invest in exceptional global entrepreneurs, well-poised to accelerate growth. Our strategy promotes diversified sector and geography exposure and has proven to achieve strong returns throughout cycles.
Riot Ventures http://riot.vcmicro-VC
Rise Capital http://www.risecapital.comUSAmicro-VCGlobal investment firm that backs internet-enabled businesses in prominent Emerging Markets.
Rising Tide Fund Managers http://rtf.vccrypto funds, micro-VC
Rittenhouse Ventures http://www.rittenhouseventures.comUSAmicro-VCPhiladelphia-based, emerging-growth venture capital firm.
Rivet Ventures http://www.rivetventures.commicro-VC, female foundersWe invest in companies in women-led markets where female usage, decision-making, and purchasing are crucial to company growth. We back both male and female founders.
RM Global Partners http://www.rmglobal.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund that invests in innovative, early stage biopharma assets, through its partnership with FutuRx.RMGP Biopharma Investment Fund is a Venture Capital (VC) Fund that invests in innovative, early stage biopharma assets, through its partnership with FutuRx. FutuRx is an Israel-based, globally focused drug development platform, founded by Orbimed, Johnson&Johnson and Takeda. RMGP's partnership with the incubator provides access to projects carefully selected by industry professionals, with potential to be first-in-class or best-in-class treatments for therapeutic areas with high unmet need (e.g.: oncology, rare diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative and other CNS disorders)
Roadster Capital LLC http://www.roadstercapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Rock Health http://rockhealth.comUSAaccelerator, micro-VCVenture capital fund dedicated to digital health.Rock Health exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Put simply, our mandate is impact. We want to make healthcare massively better for every human being—driving down the cost to deliver improved services to more people. Massively better means incredible change—it’s improvement by an order of magnitude or more along every dimension—healthcare that is incredibly functional, reliable, convenient, and yes, inexpensive. Ultimately, it looks like a system that we love. Our portfolio companies are tackling problems in mental health, smoking cessation, hospital and payer administration, and diabetes, in addition to many, many others. As early stage investors we seek to invest in relentless problem solvers, and support them in growing scalable, sustainable businesses making a positive impact. Our internal mantra is to act as an early employee, not as an advisor or mentor. That means getting our hands dirty doing actual work. We support our companies on a wide range of business issues, including fundraising, go-to-market planning, customer development, business development, contracting, pricing, marketing, communications, and PR. Rock Health partners span medical institutions, corporate strategic partners, and venture capital firms—they’re our allies who provide our companies with varied perspectives and strategic insights on the healthcare industry.
Rock River Capital Partners http://www.rockrivercapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on the Midwest of the United States.Rock River Capital is a midwest based, early stage venture firm looking for companies with initial product/market fit & positioned for growth. We are industry agnostic, but look for some form of technical disruptor to that industry, often in the form of software. Investments made by Rock River Capital are done with the entrepreneur in mind. Our goal is to keep the deal terms straight forward & aligned with the founder. We prefer to be the lead investor and take a board seat with the intention of adding value where needed. Rock River Capital reserves significant funds for follow on investment to continue supporting our portfolio in later rounds. We partner with some of the largest Venture Capitalists in the midwest to help our companies graduate to the next level of investment.
Rocketship.VC http://www.rocketship.vcUSAdata driven investment, micro-VC
Rogue Venture Partners http://roguevp.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in disruptive entrepreneurs across the US in undercapitalized regions.
Romulus Capital http://www.romuluscap.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital fund founded out of MIT.Romulus Capital is an early stage venture capital fund founded out of MIT in 2008. Our entrepreneurial genesis as a scrappy dorm room startup keeps us hungry and hands-on, mainly focused on leading Seed and Series A rounds for B2B companies selling technology that disrupts traditional industry or deep technology companies spun out of top tier research groups. Starting a venture firm from scratch at a time when the world was mired in a deep recession was a big bet, and we needed to build a strong foundation to ensure Romulus could last. Nearly a decade later, Romulus is thriving, and we know what it’s like to wear a founder’s shoes. We’ve grown 200X over the past four years, and we aim to help our companies do the same. We look to partner with innovative, passionate entrepreneurs with vision, conviction, and drive.
Root Ventures http://www.root.vcUSAdata driven investment, micro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California.
Rough Draft Ventures http://roughdraft.vcUSAmicro-VCStudent team (powered by General Catalyst) building and empowering one of the largest networks of student founders.
Router Ventures http://www.routerventures.comUSAmicro-VCMidwest-based seed stage investment firm.
RPM Ventures http://www.rpmvc.comUSAmicro-VCSeed and early-stage venture capital firmRPM Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that has been investing in revolutionary businesses for nearly two decades. The firm is led by three partners, each former entrepreneurs themselves, who founded and joined this firm to be the venture partners they wish they’d had as founders.
Rubicon Venture Capital http://rubicon.vccrypto funds, micro-VCBi-coastal San Francisco – New York fund focused on backing software and internet technology companies at the Late Seed, Series A and B stages.
Rucker Park Capital http://rpvc.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.
Runway Venture Partners (Runway Ventures)http://runwayvp.comUSAmicro-VCNew York City-based early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in post product-market fit SaaS and software-enabled businesses.Runway invests in companies that have put Seed capital to good use and demonstrated visionary entrepreneurial leadership, clear product-market fit and strong growth rates. Our goal is to back industry leaders and help build them into giant companies, starting with a mini-A injection of capital to steepen their growth trajectory now. We prefer to lead rounds of $2-$3 million with an investment of up to $1 million.
S3 Ventures http://www.s3vc.comUSAmicro-VCSince our firm’s inception over fourteen years ago, we have been fortunate to have a single limited partner — a highly-philanthropic family office — whose multi-billion dollar foundation is primarily focused on addressing social inequities through family-oriented initiatives — including community and maternal health services, early-childhood education, criminal justice reform, and inclusive neighborhood development. Our single-LP model is also of great benefit to our entrepreneurs: without the distraction of constant fundraising, our entire team can dedicate more time and resources to helping our portfolio companies succeed. With this unique structure, we are unencumbered by many of the mandates and timing constraints faced by traditional venture capital firms — better aligning us with the needs of founders and their companies. As a result, we have been able to back 40+ entrepreneurs with the patient capital and true resources required to build companies that truly make big (Texas-sized!) impacts.
Safer Made Ventures LLC http://www.safermade.netUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on financing safer products.
Salveo Capital http://www.salveocapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on the cannabis industry.
Sandalphon Capital http://sandalphoncapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Sandusky Ventures http://www.sanduskyventures.commicro-VC, corporate venturingThe investment arm of Sandusky Newspaper Group (SNG).Sandusky Ventures is the investment arm of Sandusky Newspaper Group (SNG), which is a family-run enterprise operating media since 1869. SNG is optimized to deploy capital and has the capacity to both manage and acquire strategic ventures.
Sapir Venture Partners http://www.sapirvp.comUSAmicro-VCVC firm partnering with innovative Israeli entrepreneurs around the globe to commercialise world changing science and technology.Sapir Venture Partners is a seed* stage firm actively mentoring Israeli founders, aspiring to deliver on the promise of cutting-edge science and transformative deep-technologies, to create a positive global-impact.
Schematic Ventures http://schematicventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage VC firm focused on investments in technology companies in the supply chain, manufacturing, transportation & digital industrial sectors.Schematic Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund located in San Francisco. The fund is focused on investments in technology companies within supply chain, manufacturing, commerce infrastructure & digital industrial sectors.
Science Inc funds, micro-VCTechnology incubator.
ScienceVest http://www.sciencevest.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in science and frontier-tech companies with the potential to impact 1 million or more lives.We invest in science and frontier-tech companies with the potential to impact 1 Million or more lives. ​ We are a high conviction first money-in fund.
Scrum Ventures http://www.scrum.vcUSAmicro-VC
SeaChange Fund http://www.seachange.fundUSAmicro-VC
Secocha Ventures http://www.secocha.comUSAmicro-VC
Section Partners http://www.sectionpartners.comUSAmicro-VCVenture investment firm based in Palo Alto, California.
Seraph Group http://www.seraphgroup.netmicro-VC
Serra Ventures http://www.serraventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage VC firm investing in technology companies in emerging Midwest technology centers and selected West Coast markets that are underserved.
Service Provider Capital http://www.serviceprovidercapital.commicro-VC
Seven Peaks Ventures http://sevenpeaksventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on the US Pacific Northwest.Founded in 2013, Seven Peaks’ mission is to give entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest an “unfair advantage” in building and scaling their businesses by not only providing them with capital but access to experience, expertise and networks that can help them execute on their vision.
SeventySix Capital http://www.seventysixcapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing at the epicenter of sports & tech.
Seyen Capital http://www.seyencapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in information technology and software companies at the venture/growth stage of their development cycle.Seyen Capital is a Chicago, IL based venture capital firm that invests in information technology and software companies at the venture/growth stage of their development cycle. Our typical target company has developed its initial product and secured its first customers. Geographically we focus on areas away from the traditional hotbeds of Venture Capital. We have found that towns such as Chicago, Nashville, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Denver, Tampa, Philadelphia and New York provide adequate infrastructure to build quality businesses and benefit from being outside the limelight of Route 128 and Silicon Valley. Our involvement typically includes: Organizational development Strategic growth and business development initiatives Accessing private equity, public equity, and various debt markets. Philosophically, we view the entrepreneur as our customer and our role to be to help the entrepreneur make money alongside our own investors. We have an enviable track record of helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Since 2001 our companies have grown revenues an average of 30X after our initial investment. During that same period we have lost money only once. Recent successful exits include Knightsbridge (which was sold to HP); Danger (sold to Microsoft); Convio (IPO, sold to BlackBaud); Cbeyond (IPO); Synchronoss (IPO, NASDAQ: SNCR); Borderfree (IPO, sold to Pitney Bowes); and most recently Autism Home Support Services (sold to Invo). We have also been involved in a number of recapitalizations where we continue to own positions. These include LaunchPoint; GoHealth; Cybera; and Vubiquity. More recent investments that are earlier in their life cycles include Knowledge Hound and DataCubes.
Shangbay Capital LLC http://www.shangbaycapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on early stage investments in the US medical device technologies, biotechnology, and mobile healthcare sectors.
Shoreline Venture Management LLC http://www.shorelineventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage tech startups.
Shrug Capital http://shrug.vcUSAmicro-VC
Sierra Wasatch Capital http://www.sierrawasatch.comUSAmicro-VCVenture fund focused on the future of the media technology.
Signatures Capital http://www.signaturescapital.comUSAmicro-VC Venture capital investment firm which specializes in seed, early-stage and later-stage investments.Signatures Capital is a family investment office that has been supporting great founders and leadership teams since 2000. Our view is that an awareness of emerging technological, social, economic and scientific themes shaping society and business is paramount for investment success. Often these concepts are all but invisible to those who lack the deep expertise and wisdom necessary to identify disruption at the earliest stages. Signatures Capital prides itself on developing an educated forecast of the themes that will matter tomorrow. Over the last two decades, we have developed a systematic investment process and built relationships at major research universities, government laboratories and incubators in order to inform our outlook on emerging opportunities. As a byproduct, our most powerful resource is our network of hundreds of entrepreneurs and leadership teams we have partnered with over the past 25 years across the technology industry. Through our lasting relationships, Signatures Capital has specialized access and perspectives that allows us to gain a powerful vantage point to identify and capitalize on transformative technology themes before they become mainstream. It is our goal to partner with entrepreneurs who recognize these shifts and then steward those who are boldly building the future.
Signia Venture Partners http://signiaventurepartners.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.Signia Venture Partners is a unique early-stage venture fund dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs build impactful, world-changing, and iconic companies. Signia’s team is made up of proven entrepreneurs with a track record of success and experience at every stage of growth and with a hands-on approach to technology investing. This innovative approach includes our successful founder/investor program and dedicated resources for our portfolio such as the latest technology platforms, in-house recruiting and marketing services, access to experts and strategic partners, and events designed to educate and inspire.
Silicon Badia http://www.siliconbadia.comJORmicro-VCVenture capital firm.
Sinai Ventures http://sinaivc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture fund investing in internet and software founders at all stages.
SineWave Ventures http://www.sinewave.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm dedicated to accelerating new technologies across the commercial and public sector ecosystems.
Single Oak Ventures http://www.singleoakvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Skyline Capital Partners http://www.skyline.vcUSAmicro-VC
SmartInvest Ventures http://smartinvestventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage accelerator led venture fund.
Social Impact Capital LLC http://social-impact-capital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm focused on companies that will have a scalable social impact.
Social Leverage LLC http://www.socialleverage.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage investment fund.
Social Starts http://www.socialstarts.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital partnership with a data-driven approach to investing in moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds.Social Starts is a venture capital partnership with a uniquely data-driven approach to investing in moment-of-inception and Series A financing rounds. We focus on companies that leverage social and mobile technologies with a particular emphasis on the emerging science and technology of health and happiness. Social Starts has been named the top fund under $100M since 2013 and is consistently rated as one of the most active early stage funds worldwide.
Sofia Fund http://www.sofiafund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture fund with a focus on women-led companies.Sofia Fund invests in and grows exceptional women-led companies – those with strong leaders and highly compelling business models that are scalable and meet a market need – to maximize returns for investors. Sofia Fund uses a rigorous process for selecting and investing in high-growth opportunities. Its team of professional women angel investors actively manages and supports its portfolio businesses, leveraging deep expertise and broad networks to help women entrepreneurs achieve success. Sofia Fund uncovers and qualifies only the best investment opportunities from thousands of ideas through extensive due diligence and then actively invests to grow its portfolio companies and bring them successfully to profitable exits. The Sofia investment team has a uniquely strategic combination of skills as successful investors and entrepreneurs themselves, having individually invested more than $10 million in 50 companies to date. With a passion for supporting women entrepreneurs, they serve as mentors and guides for Sofia Fund portfolio companies to help them achieve the ultimate success – a profitable outcome for women leaders and their investors. Sofia Fund is changing the trajectory of the investment community to achieve not only parity for women entrepreneurs, but harness the tremendous financial opportunity found in women-led businesses. Research confirms that women-led businesses consistently demonstrate above-average success, generating 20 percent more revenue with 50 percent less investment, than other companies.
SoGal Ventures http://www.sogalventures.comUSAmicro-VCThe first female-led, next generation venture capital firm.SoGal Ventures represents how far our generation has come, and how deep our impact on the world can be. We invest in the future of how we live, work, and stay healthy. We believe in the power of diversity, borderless business, and human-centric design. We focus on in early stage diverse founding teams in the U.S. and Asia, and aim to be the strongest ally for our portfolio companies. Powered by the SoGal Ecosystem across 50+ cities around the world, we are galvanizing a brand new demographic - women and undervalued entrepreneurs - to take center stage in entrepreneurship and innovation.
Soma Ventures http://www.soma.venturesUSAmicro-VC
South Park Commons Management LLC http://www.southparkcommons.comUSAmicro-VC
South Ventures http://www.sthventures.comUSAmicro-VCSouth Ventures was officially launched in 2013 as a global investment platform managing Venture Capital and Hedge Funds, co-investing with Google, Goldman Sachs, Soros and others. South Ventures is the result of 14 years of investment experience since the formation of the IG Business Angels Club, devoted to investing in companies with high growth potential.
Sovereign's Capital http://www.sovereignscapital.comUSAmicro-VC
SparkLabs Global Ventures http://www.sparklabsglobal.comUSAmicro-VC
Speciale Invest http://www.specialeinvest.comINDmicro-VCEarly stage investor focusing on tech-driven / deep-tech ventures.
Spero Ventures http://spero.vcmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm spun out of Omidyar Network.
Spider Capital http://www.spidercp.comUSAmicro-VCSeed-stage enterprise venture capital focused on the digital transformation of industry.
SpinGlass http://www.spinglass.aiUSAmicro-VCInvestment vehicle focused on artificial intelligence and robotics.
Spiral Sun Ventures http://www.spiralsunventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture fund investing in better-for-you consumer brands.
Springtime Ventures http://springtimeventures.comUSAmicro-VC
SRI Capital http://www.sricapital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in the US and in India.SRI Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in the US and in India. We will also consider global startups that are looking to enter the US market. We are based in Philadelphia, PA. Our primary areas of interest are enterprise software and deep tech. We are interested in US/Indian startups developing applications and technology for sale to the global enterprise market, preferably in a subscription model with built-in scalability for rapid growth. We like capital efficient product development teams, led by technology founders, serving niche market segments. We are usually the first institutional investor in a company, leading or co-investing in a pre-Series A round. We invest between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000 for a meaningful minority interest. We are active investors, providing support to the founders beyond just a board role. We will also selectively do Series A investments, either as a lead investor or as a co-investor with other VCs or strategic investors.
Stacked Capital http://stacked.capitalUSAmicro-VCPost-seed venture capital firm, driven by fundamentals, focused on those who seek to apply innovation and become the infrastructures of their markets.Stacked is a venture fund, driven by fundamentals, excited by those who seek to apply innovation and become the infrastructures of their markets. The companies we back solve real world problems with measurable impact. We tend to pop-up post seed, but that is more an outcome of our model than some arbitrary criteria or blue print. When we invest directly we do not follow trends or thesis’ based investing, we look at the people, idea, implementation, adoption, and path forward on a case-by-case basis.
Stadia Ventures http://www.stadiaventures.comUSAmicro-VCGlobal sports innovation hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors.Stadia Ventures is the global Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. We create an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth by leveraging our team’s core strengths: education, investment, network, and industry expertise.
Stage 2 Capital http://www.stage2.capitalUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in early stage B2B software companies.
Stage Venture Partners (Stage VP)http://www.stagevp.comUSAmicro-VCSeed venture capital firm that invests in emerging software technology for B2B markets.
Starbridge Ventures http://www.starbridgevc.comUSAmicro-VCSpace technology development generates a very high rate of spin-off technologies that play a key role in some of the most impactful innovations on Earth (communications, computing, energy, etc.) The rapid growth and technological changes happening now will define the next decade of commercial space development Our investments combine traditional tech investments and space development opportunities, have large terrestrial market potential, have proven or provable success, and have clear pathways to liquidity.
Starta Ventures (Starta Capital)http://www.startacapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Starting Line Capital http://www.startingline.vcUSAmicro-VCThematic early stage venture capital fund focused on investing in consumer services and products that are both cheaper and better.
Startup Capital Ventures http://www.startupcv.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California with an office in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.Startup Capital Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California with an office in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Our geographic focus is Silicon Valley along with selective investments in Hawaiʻi and elsewhere.
Sterling Road http://www.sterlingroad.comUSAmicro-VCPre-seed investment through founder coaching.
Story Ventures http://storyventures.vcUSAmicro-VC
Stout Street Capital http://www.stoutstreetcapital.comUSAmicro-VCDenver based Stout Street Capital focuses on early-stage technology companies innovating in sectors such as: data analytics, software, fin-tech, advanced materials, robotics, and AI.
Stray Dog Capital http://straydogcapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund investing in innovative, early-stage companies across the food, beverage, and biotechnology sectors.
Streamlined Ventures http://streamlinedventures.comUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCSeed stage investment firm.We are a seed stage investment firm rooted in the belief that the founders of companies are the true heroes of entrepreneurial value creation in our society. We are passionate about working with visionary founders to help them create exceptional companies and help them capture as much of that value for themselves as possible – they deserve it! If we stay true to our beliefs and we are good at what we do, then we will benefit too. Our style of engagement with all our stakeholders focuses on low ego behavior, mutual respect and clarity of thought. We seed invest in visionary founders who are building the next generation of transformational technology companies.
Strong Ventures http://www.strongvc.comcrypto funds, micro-VCStrong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, that finances, supports and mentors Korean-Global entrepreneurs, empowering them to build strong ventures and to break successfully into the global market. With proven experience as operators, executives and entrepreneurs, we provide hands-on assistance and guidance. On top of our financial investment, we aim to provide tangible value to our entrepreneurs, through network reach, strategic thinking and executional collaboration. And, as we engage together with others in our venture endeavors, we hope to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which we call home, a better, stronger and more vibrant place for all.
Structure Capital http://www.structure.vcUSAmicro-VC
Structure Fund http://www.structurefund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies.
Summit Action LLC http://www.summitaction.comUSAmicro-VCInvestment firm affiliated with the Summit Series community that seeks to provide capital and strategic support to growth companies.
SunBridge Partners http://www.sunbridgepartners.comUSAmicro-VC, corporate venturingEarly-stage IT investor with operations in Japan and the US.
Super Ventures http://www.superventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage fund dedicated to augmented reality.Super Ventures fund leverages in-depth expertise and extensive ecosystem relationships to selectively invest in promising companies that enhance perception, situational awareness, and power to act — creating computer-mediated “superpowers” through Augmented Reality, unleashing our full potential.
SuperSet Venture Studio http://www.superset.comUSAmicro-VC
Sure Ventures http://www.sure.venturesUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm with a focus on insurance related projects.Sure Ventures is a Silicon Valley based early stage venture capital firm investing in rapidly growing technology companies. The firm invests with a mission to enable peace of mind for all individuals and businesses. The main areas of focus are insurance, aging, care, mental health, wealth management and related sectors.
Surgical Frontiers http://www.surgicalfrontiers.comUSAmicro-VCWe fund, launch and operate start-up companies to develop advanced surgical technologies that are ready for clinical use.
Susa Ventures http://www.susaventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage technology venture capital firm.
SustainVC http://www.sustainvc.comUSAmicro-VCSustainVC is the manager of a series of early-stage impact investing venture capital funds that makes market-rate equity investments into early-stage companies creating meaningful social and/or environmental impact. Led by a deep team with more than 100 years of investing, startup, and consulting experience, SustainVC has built a 10-year track record of demonstrated, measurable impact as well as proven financial returns. We back innovative entrepreneurs that share a vision of a sustainable, more equitable, and healthier world.
SV LatAm Capital LLC http://www.svlatamcap.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm that invests in science + technology enabled startups to transform societies, the environment, and health.
SV Tech Ventures http://www.svtechventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm.SV Tech Ventures was established in 2015 in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley and the world's hottest technology innovation hub, by four tech industry veterans with a mission to empower early-stage promising innovations. Through many years of experience, our partners accumulated broad knowledge and extensive resources in both entrepreneurship and investments in various fields. Since then, we have completed investments in over 70 high-tech high-touch companies through SV Tech Fund I & II. Most recent exits include This is L (Organic Personal Care Acquired by Procter & Gamble), Original Stitch Inc (Custom Shirts. Acquired by World Co.), NeuroVasc(Mechanical thrombectomy solution for brain revascularization. Acquired), and Turning Point Therapeutics (Targeted Cancer therapies. Publicly traded on Nasdaq), Arrinex(Medical Device Acquired by Stryker). We have faith in companies that have successfully demonstrated their capabilities to develop advanced technologies, especially those protected by high barriers to entry and thus benefit from the market leadership positions. Born from innovations, these technology breakthroughs are deemed to have significant impacts on key industries and our society alike.
SVG Ventures (Thrive)http://thriveagrifood.comUSAmicro-VCSilicon Valley Global Ventures is an investment, technology and advisory firm that partners with organizations on strategy, innovation and global expansion. Formed in 2010 and based in Silicon Valley, SVG invests in early stage technology companies. The SVG Ventures team consists of accomplished technology leaders from all over the globe. With it’s vast network, SVG gets deeply involved with portfolio companies to support their success. Since 2010 SVG|THRIVE is the leading global AgriFood investment and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, and comprised of top agriculture, food & technology corporations, universities, and investors. With a community of over 5,000 startups from 100 countries, the THRIVE platform invests, accelerates and creates unparalleled access for entrepreneurs to scale globally to solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries. THRIVE’s Corporate Innovation Program is focused on connecting our corporate partners with emerging technologies and startups that will make the most significant impact in their organizations. Our vision is to advance the future of food and agriculture through innovation.
Swell Partners http://www.swell.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.Swell backs extraordinary founders building category-creating companies and gives them an unfair recruiting advantage. You can think of Swell as a next-gen venture firm with the DNA of a world-class talent agency. Early stage and category agnostic, Swell VC typically invests in seed and series A stage companies across multiple sectors. For the last decade, Swell VC founders Rusty Ralston and Jay Patil have played a key role in the expansion of the New York City tech ecosystem through their investments and startup recruiting practice. Previously, as early employees of a venture-backed talent assessment machine learning startup, they learned the importance of recruiting and how a winning culture can determine the outcome of a company. With this serving as the foundation, Swell has solidified a track record of investing in and building some of New York City’s most recent success stories, including Tapad’s $360MM exit. “You win with people” is not a cliche — it is the definition of Swell’s approach with founders and the core philosophy on shaping industry winners. Swell has established an elite talent network comprised of sales, business development, product, and marketing executives who have scaled startups from inception to acquisition and/or IPO. As the best candidates are never looking, Swell helps portfolio companies access top-performing talent that appears hidden or unavailable. Swell VC is a true partner and extension of the team that adds material value where founders need it most: people.
Switch Ventures Management LLC http://switch.vcUSAdata driven investment, micro-VC
Syno Capital (兴诺资本)http://www.synocapital.comUSAmicro-VCGlobal investment firm focused on developing breakthrough innovations to meet modern healthcare challenges.Founded in 2015, Syno Capital is a global investment firm focused on developing breakthrough innovations to meet our healthcare challenges. With our presence in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we want to work with the greatest minds no matter where they are to solve the toughest problems.
T1D Fund http://www.t1dfund.orgUSAmicro-VCVenture firm accelerating life-changing solutions to cure, prevent, and treat type 1 diabetes (T1D) through catalytic commercial investments.As a venture philanthropy fund, we approach investment opportunities slightly differently than either a venture capital fund or a non-profit organization. We are looking for: Concentrated mission impact: All our companies must have or be developing a T1D program with significant potential for clinical impact. We are primarily focused on cure therapies. Potential for financial return: Each company must have an investable business model so we can attract multiples of private capital and biopharma industry capital. Our investments and our investors are not limited to just the U.S., but are from across the global community. And we work closely with JDRF affiliates in the UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Israel and the Netherlands. We follow an investment model typical to a $100m venture fund or small corporate strategic fund. All private capital raised is recorded as a charitable donation and receives associated tax benefits at the time of contribution.
Tallwave Capital micro-VC
Tamarisc Ventures http://www.tamarisc.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture firm that invests in companies improving the human habitat through innovating at the intersection of real estate, health, and technology.Tamarisc invests in and helps build companies that improve the human habitat through innovating at the intersection of real estate, health, and technology.
Tamiami Angel Fund http://www.tamiamiangels.comUSAmicro-VCThe Tamiami Family of Funds are Angel Funds organized to allow High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices an opportunity for active involvement in a diversified ​capital investment process ​with the ​goal ​to build a portfolio of high potential, emerging growth companies.
Tandem Management Services LLC (Tandem Capital)http://www.tandemcap.comUSAmicro-VCSeed fund backing traditional industry disruption.
Tangled Little Dragon USAmicro-VC
Tank Hill Ventures
Targeted Technology http://www.targetedtech.comUSAmicro-VCThe Targeted Technology Funds are focused on early stage investments in companies that we believe can advance ground breaking or disruptive technologies to significantly improve the practice of medicine and patient outcomes. We also favor technologies that can positively improve the efficiency, cost, or functionality of the development and manufacture of life science products. We concentrate on technologies that have the potential for a shorter time and lower cost to market, and address market needs that are compelling enough to offer the opportunity for enhanced returns. Accordingly, while we will invest across a broad spectrum of healthcare categories, the Fund places an emphasis on medical devices, life science tools, biotechnology, diagnostics and specialty pharmaceuticals. We believe that our life science investment model is particularly suited to today’s healthcare and economic environment — one that favors innovations that can improve clinical outcomes and patient care, while at the same time reducing healthcare costs.
Task Force X Capital (TFX Capital)http://tfxcap.comUSAmicro-VCVeteran-led venture capital firm focused on investing in former military leaders building early stage technology (B2B) & technology enabled businessesVeteran-led venture capital firm uniquely focused on investing in high performing, accomplished, and commercially-tested former military leaders building early stage technology (B2B) and technology enabled businesses.
Tau Ventures capital firm commercialising technology originating from Tel Aviv University.
Taurus Ventures http://www.taurus.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in technology enabled businesses in Southeast Asia and the US.
TauTona Group http://www.tautonagroup.comUSAmicro-VCTauTona Group is a vertically-integrated operational fund that creates, invests and develops new solutions in medtech, biotech and regenerative medicine that address unmet clinical needs in healthcare. With a strong belief that improvements in healthcare and cost reductions can only be achieved through innovation, TauTona’s sustainable investment model enables disruptive ideas to be evaluated, designed, tested and developed in an extremely economic manner benefitting all stakeholders: inventors, investors, doctors and, most importantly, patients. The fund was founded in 2010 by two Stanford School of Medicine professors and researchers focused on bioengineering, tissue regeneration, and stem cell therapeutic approaches.
TCP Venture Capital http://www.tcp.vcUSAmicro-VCBaltimore, Maryland-based early-stage technology focused venture capital firm.The Propel Baltimore Fund makes investments in early-stage technology companies willing to locate in Baltimore. The Fund addresses the critical need for more early-stage capital in Baltimore City, encourages more entrepreneurial activity in the City, creates more high-paying jobs, and helps to realize Baltimore City’s full potential as a destination for growing businesses.
Teamworthy Ventures http://www.teamworthy.comUSAmicro-VC
Tech Square Ventures http://www.techsquareventures.comUSAmicro-VCAtlanta-based early-stage venture capital firm.
TechU Angels Management Inc http://www.techuventures.comUSAmicro-VCTechU invests in platform technologies that harness complex science and engineering breakthroughs for enduring global impact. We write patient checks that propel technologists with early capital and knowledgeable support. We scour the world’s leading universities, labs, and research centers for emerging technologies with wide-reaching implications, structured to maximize lasting impact over momentary returns. Our interest spans continents and categories in search of transformative technology that generates distinct competitive advantages. At the helm are experienced entrepreneurs who contribute hard-earned funds and hard-won expertise to deliver the holistic support deep tech pioneers require. In short, we search for the foundations of our collective future.
Tectonic Ventures LP http://www.tectonicventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Telescopic Ventures http://www.telescopicventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm.The name, Telescopic Ventures, is a reference to finding things usually hard to see with the naked eye, as well as discovering new things currently unseen. We’re an early-stage venture capital firm with a mission to partner with the most innovative technology companies who have a vision to make a huge impact on the world. We actively work with our portfolio companies on early business development (closing early customers), strategy (business, market, and security), and product integrations that help strengthen the company’s place in the market. Building a company from scratch is very tough, but most of us were also entrepreneurs and operators and understand first-hand the growing pains that come along with building toward a great vision. We’re here to assist with that goal.
Telluride Venture Fund http://tellurideventurefund.comUSAmicro-VCStart-up and early stage equity investment fund based in Telluride, Colorado with a focus on the Colorado Plateau.
Tellus Partners http://www.tellus.partnersUSAmicro-VCAgribusiness private equity firm.A select group of family offices and agribusiness professionals leveraging their resources to create proprietary investment opportunities.
TenOneTen Ventures http://tenoneten.netUSAmicro-VCLos Angeles based early stage VC firm investing in entrepreneurs that apply data and technology to disrupt existing industries, or create new categoriTenOneTen Ventures is a Los Angeles based early stage venture capital firm. We invest in entrepreneurs that apply data and technology to disrupt existing industries, or create new categories entirely.
Tensility Venture Partners http://www.tensilityvc.comUSAmicro-VC
TEXO Ventures LLC http://www.texoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
TGap Ventures LLC http://www.tgapvcfunds.comUSAmicro-VC
Thayer Ventures http://thayerventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that invests in early-stage travel and transportation technology.Founded in 2009, Thayer Ventures has built the preeminent venture platform for travel and transportation entrepreneurs to leverage unequaled counsel from our experienced team, strategic LPs, industry-leading advisors and the entire Thayer portfolio ecosystem.
The Artemis Fund http://www.theartemisfund.comUSAmicro-VC, female foundersVC firm investing in tech-enabled companies led by women that help people build wealth, care for their families, and empower their communities.The Artemis Fund invests in tech-enabled companies led by women that help people build wealth, care for their families, and empower their communities.
The Colorado Impact Fund (CIF)http://www.coloradoimpactfund.comUSAmicro-VCDenver-based VC firm investing in Colorado companies with high-growth, scalable business models and a commitment to make their community better.The Colorado Impact Fund (CIF) is a Denver-based venture capital firm investing in Colorado companies with high-growth, scalable business models and a commitment to make their community better. CIF was created to support a growing entrepreneurial and impact ecosystem throughout the state of Colorado. CIF manages approximately $85 million of private capital with the Colorado Impact Fund I and the Colorado Impact Bridge Fund.
The Cove Fund http://www.covefund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm making seed stage investments in Southern California companies.The Cove Fund is a family of seed-stage venture capital funds that provides startup funding for promising new Southern California ventures. The Fund is headquartered in “The Cove” at UC Irvine Applied Innovation, a centrally located and vibrant gathering place for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in the Southern California startup ecosystem. The $5.6M Cove Fund I began investing in 2015 and currently has 16 companies in its portfolio. Cove Fund II launched in early 2018 with $14.2M in capital. The funds invest in early stage technology and life science companies that demonstrate the potential to address large markets with highly differentiated products and services, and that can achieve significant value-creating inflection points with their seed funding.
The Entrepreneurs' Fund http://www.tefunds.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm focused on cloud-based cognitive computing and machine learning B2B software.
The Fabric http://www.thefabricnet.comUSAmicro-VCStartup co-creation foundry based in Sunnyvale with a focus on cloud/IoT infrastructure space.
The Fund http://www.thefund.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund investing in mission-driven, technology-enabled companies at the earliest stages.
The Helm http://www.thehelm.coUSAmicro-VC
The Hive http://www.hivedata.comUSAmicro-VC
The House Fund LP http://www.thehouse.fundUSAmicro-VCPre-seed and early-stage venture capital fund for UC Berkeley's startups.
The Impact Engine http://www.theimpactengine.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm with a mission to bring more capital to a market where financial returns are linked to positive social & environmental impacts.
The JumpFund http://www.thejumpfund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund focused on women-led companies headquartered in the Southeast US.We invest in women-led companies headquartered in the Southeast U.S., specifically in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia.
The Longevity Fund http://www.longevity.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund focusing on companies developing therapeutic breakthroughs for age-related disease.
The Venture Reality Fund LLC (VR Fund), (VRF)http://www.thevrfund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund focused on immersive, spatial, and intelligent computing for consumer and enterprise.The Venture Reality Fund drives innovation and investment at the intersection of immersive, spatial, and intelligent computing for consumer and enterprise sectors. This includes a combination of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality to power the future of computing. Together with world-class limited partners, we invest in visionary entrepreneurs developing innovations across a variety of sectors, from infrastructure to industry-specific platforms to content, media and entertainment.
The W Fund http://www.thewfund.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital fund focused on technology-based startups in Washington state.The W Fund makes earliest-stage investments to accelerate the success of Washington's most promising technology-based start-up companies originating from research institutions and students across the state.
Thin Line Capital http://www.thinlinecapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Think + Ventures http://www.thinkplus.vcUSAmicro-VC
Third Prime http://www.thirdprime.vcUSAmicro-VC
Thoroughbred Spirits Partners LLC http://www.tbspiritspartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Three Fish Capital http://threefishcapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Thursday Ventures http://www.thursday.vcUSAmicro-VC
TinySeed http://tinyseed.comUSAmicro-VCYear-long, remote accelerator designed for early-stage SaaS founders.
Torch Capital http://torchcapital.vcUSAmicro-VCBrand-focused investment firm built to shepherd the next generation of truly great mission driven consumer companies.
Torrey Pines Investment http://torreypinesinv.comUSAmicro-VCSpecialty life-science investment company located in San Diego. Torrey Pines Investment, founded in 2002, is a specialty life-science investment company located in San Diego. Torrey Pines has a team of investment professionals with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital and operations. Our firm has created biopharma incubators investing in early development stage assets from international pharma and biotech partners in CNS, oncology, and virology area to bring them to commercial success through pharma partnering and M&A. Our philosophy centers on maximizing the potential for capital gains and confining the risk of loss by: potential positioning as first on the market or best on the market therapy or potential for generating value through combination with such positions the value orientation starting at pre-clinical candidate level exiting at clinical proof of concept stream lining the development through an embedded collaboration with co-owned global CRO network based on aligned incentives minimizing the fixed cost through managing asset portfolios by proven professional drug hunters and drug developer management teams maintaining a pro-active pharma partner oriented exit strategy through call options and other mechanisms of early partner participation We are committed to capitalizing on the unique opportunities in biotech and pharma, where we can add value in development or regulatory strategy by utilizing resources of our portfolio CRO companies. We seek to leverage our industry knowledge, network of industry and financial contacts, and internal resources to assist our portfolio management in developing and executing their business strategy. Our bottom line is to help our companies achieve growth, build value and realize wealth. Torrey Pines Investment will lead, co-lead or take a membership role in an investing syndicate. We are looking for an expected POC on the investment within 3 years. We assist our portfolio companies with both product and corporate development by leveraging our expertise in drug discovery, including pre-clinical studies, clinical studies and manufacturing, as well as regulatory affairs. Our executive team systematically offers extensive market and drug development recommendations , as well as financial, operational and strategic advice, to our portfolio companies through regular communications.
Trail Mix Ventures http://www.trailmix.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture fund based in New York City, investing in purpose driven startups from seed to Series A.
Trailblazer Capital LLC http://trailblazercap.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage and growth venture capital investor focused on companies based in Texas and Oklahoma.
Tramway Venture Partners (Tramway Ventures)http://www.tramwayventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture fund investing in biotech, medtech, and healthtech.Tramway Venture Partners is an early stage venture fund investing in biotech, medtech, and healthtech. Typically, we will invest in the first institutional round after incubators and angel investors.
Transform VC http://transform.vcUSAmicro-VCStartup studio, VC investment and advisory firm based in the Silicon Valley.
Transmedia Capital LLC (TMC)http://transmediacapital.comUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital fund.
Travel Capitalist Ventures LLC http://www.travelcapitalist.comUSAmicro-VC
Trevi Health Capital LLC http://www.trevihealth.comUSAmicro-VC
Tri Valley Ventures http://www.trivalleyventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Tri-Star Health Partners http://tristarhealthpartners.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in early-stage companies across the spectrum of healthcare innovation.Since founding TriStar in 2009, the partners have invested in and helped create 23 companies in the healthcare sector. Prior to establishing TriStar, the team has been founding and investing in healthcare innovation for the last several decades. More recently, the TriStar principals helped create and invest in 27 companies based on Vanderbilt University intellectual property. The financial returns from these investments were significant, having exceeded the average venture returns over that period by a sizable margin. The experience of creating companies, negotiating licensing and operating agreements within the university environment uniquely and ideally suits the TriStar team to execute its strategy going forward. Additionally, Dr. Jacobson has been a successful entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded over 10 different companies, including Contact Software, Renal Care Group, Ambulatory Services of America and CeloNova Biosciences.
Tribal Ventures http://www.tribalventuresllc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on Chicago based startups.
Trousdale Capital Management LLC http://www.trousdalecap.comUSAmicro-VCInvestment firm focused on growth-stage enterprise software companies.With offices in Austin and Los Angeles, Trousdale Ventures is a long-term investor focused on helping create dynamic industry leaders in technology. Trousdale focuses its capital and management resources to develop and execute long-term growth and value-building strategies. Trousdale Ventures is a privately-held investment firm owned and managed by partners Phillip Sarofim and Brian Grigsby with a portfolio that encompasses a variety of companies involved in technology, IT management, Consumer Packaged Goods, lifestyle consumer products, entertainment and child development products.
Troy Capital Partners (TCP)http://www.troycapitalpartners.comUSAmicro-VCMulti-stage venture capital firm.
Trucks Venture Capital (Trucks Ventures)http://www.trucks.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund with a focus on autonomous, connected and shared vehicles.
True Wealth Ventures http://www.truewealthvc.comUSAmicro-VC, sustainable consumer, healthEarly stage venture capital fund run by women and investing in women-led companies.True Wealth Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund run by women. We invest in women-led companies with products and technologies in the sustainable consumer and consumer health sectors that more efficiently solve the next generation of challenges. We believe that because women make the vast majority of consumer and healthcare purchases, having them on the management team designing, marketing and servicing products is extremely beneficial.
Trust Ventures http://www.trustventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Tsingyuan Ventures http://www.tsingyuan.venturesUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm investing in software, life science, and deep tech, with a preference for highly technical founders.
TSVC http://www.tsvcap.comUSAmicro-VCSilicon Valley-based venture capital firm focused on early stage deep technology startups.Founded in 2010, TSVC (formerly TEEC Angel Fund) is proud to be a leading early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. By investing in forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies as well as partnering with exceptional founders in the extraordinary entrepreneurial community, TSVC has been ranked in the top decile of early-stage VC funds in Silicon Valley. Over the past 9 years, TSVC has delivered outstanding returns to our investors by funding over 160 startups in deep tech-focused areas such as SaaS, AI chips, Fintech, Biotech, Blockchain and Semiconductors. With4 unicorns (Zoom, Quanergy, Ginkgo Bio, Carta) in our portfolio, TSVC is named a top unicorn investor in the US by PitchBook. Our investment philosophy centers on our belief that today’s visionaries will make tomorrow’s reality. In an interconnected world, we seek to stand at the forefront of the global technology transformation. From the earliest days through all phases of growth, our mission is to support our entrepreneurs with unique insights and solid technology expertise, and to bring them distinctive values along with funding. By partnering with us, together we can turn dream ventures into reality, and thrive as we work toward the common goal of making the world a better place through innovation.
Tuesday Capital http://tuesday.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital fund.
Tugboat Ventures LLC http://www.tugboatventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Tusk Ventures http://tuskventures.comUSAmicro-VCTusk Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in New York City. TVP invests in early-stage technology startups operating in heavily regulated markets, or creating new business models where no regulatory framework exists. Our edge stems from our ability to understand regulatory risks better than other venture funds and help our portfolio companies execute against those risks by providing regulatory, political, and media support to our founders.
TYLT Ventures http://www.tyltventures.comUSAmicro-VC
UAventure Capital http://www.uaventurecap.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund designed to commercialize University of Arizona science, technology, services and products.
Ubiquity Ventures Inc http://www.ubiquity.vcUSAmicro-VCSeed capital venture fund focused on "software beyond the screen" startups.
UConn Innovation Fund (University of Connecticut Innovation Fund)http://www.innovationfund.uconn.eduUSAmicro-VC
Ulu Ventures http://www.uluventures.comUSAdata driven investment, micro-VCSeed stage VC firm investing primarily in snterprise IT, smart data and the opportunities created by the Stanford and Silicon Valley tech ecosystems.Ulu seeks to invest in diverse founder teams with deep insights and big ideas using a straightforward sequence of information gathering, risk assessment, and due diligence to advance prospects through our pipeline. Adhering to a principled, repeatable decision-making process helps reduce cognitive bias in our investment decisions and makes Ulu’s founders among the most diverse in the industry. In all phases of our data-driven, decision analysis process, we seek to be transparent to entrepreneurs and limited partners. Our approach and point of view make Ulu Ventures unique among venture firms.
UM Ventures (University of Maryland Ventures)http://www.umventures.orgUSAmicro-VCUM Ventures is a joint initiative of the MPowering the State Program, bringing the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park together to commercialize discoveries, and create economic impact by engaging partners in industry and social ventures. By encouraging our students and faculty, providing expert advice and business services, more discoveries will reach the market. By engaging directly with external partners we will bring new investment, expanded markets and more startup ventures. The UM Ventures internal Advisory Board was formed in August 2012. Its members are the Deans of Business, Engineering, and Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences at UMCP and the Deans of Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy at UMB. The Board is co-chaired by the UMCP Vice President of Research, and UMB Vice President of Enterprise and Economic Development.
Uncork Capital http://uncorkcapital.comUSAmicro-VCSeed-stage venture capital firm.
Underdog Ventures LLC http://www.underdogventures.comUSAmicro-VCUnderdog Ventures® has developed a new model of customized community venture capital funds, combined with a model of customized philanthropy. Underdog Ventures partners with a group of investors committed to financial, community and environmental results. We create innovative and customized investments to meet the specific needs of each of our investors, each of whom has a dedicated fund that invests in areas that they choose. Underdog Ventures® acts as a managing partner for each of the funds, structuring, negotiating and managing the investments, while serving as an intermediary between investors and the invested companies. We provide value-added consulting, using the expertise of our in-house staff, advisory board members and investors; perform the due-diligence on companies in which we invest; maintain a strong on-the-ground presence in designated communities; create strategic relationships with non-profits; and provide exit opportunities for our investors consistent with their priorities.
Underscore.VC http://www.underscore.vccrypto funds, micro-VCVenture capital firm.
Union Labs http://unionlabs.commicro-VCHardTech venture studio focused on building and backing leading seed-stage startups in Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and autonomy.
Unreasonable Capital http://www.unreasonablecapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focused on emerging markets.
Unshackled Ventures http://www.unshackledvc.comUSAmicro-VC
UP2398 http://www.up2398.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.
Uprising Ventures http://www.uprising.usUSAmicro-VC
Upside Partnership http://www.upsidevc.comUSAmicro-VCSeed-stage venture capital firm.
Upslope.IO LLC (Uslope Ventures)http://www.upslope.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital fund.Formerly Galvanize Ventures, Upslope Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in startups across the country. We believe exceptional teams can originate from any location. We provide more than capital and introductions. By leveraging our network we aim to empower entrepreneurs with the resources they need to have their best chance at success - even if we don’t invest.
UpStart Ventures http://www.upstartvc.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm investing in seed and early-stage healthcareFounded in 2009, UpStart Ventures is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our investment strategy represents a unique combination of idea generation, science discovery, seed stage investing, venture judgment and company management. ​ Our first fund, UpStart Life Sciences Capital, L.P. invests primarily in seed and early-stage healthcare companies, based on breakthrough technologies from major research universities, centered around Utah and neighboring states. ​ We invest in opportunities such as medical devices, drug delivery systems, and diagnostics, as well as longer range investments in biopharma products and platforms. ​ Central to our strategy is the belief that significantly more value can be created from the formation and initial management of leading edge life science companies than from traditional venture capital investing in pre-existing companies, whether at early or later stages.
UpWest Labs http://upwest.vcUSAaccelerator, micro-VCVenture capital firm focusing on pre-seed and seed stage startups that are innovating in the US-Israel tech junction.
Urban Innovation Fund http://www.urbaninnovationfund.commicro-VCVenture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to entrepreneurs shaping the future of cities.Venture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to entrepreneurs shaping the future of cities – helping them grow into tomorrow’s most valued companies.
Urban US Public Benefit Corp http://www.urban.usUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm funding startups that upgrade cities for climate change.
V1.VC http://v1.vcUSAmicro-VC
Valia Ventures http://valia.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm based between New York, San Francisco, and London.Valia is a global venture capital firm with offices in New York, San Francisco and across the GCC. We invest from seed stage to growth in enterprise and consumer companies, partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and helping them turn their ideas into market-leading businesses.
Valley Growth Ventures LLC (VGV)http://www.valleygrowthventures.comUSAmicro-VCFor-profit investment fund created to support high-growth companies across the state of Ohio.
Valor Ventures http://valor.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm focused on inclusion.Valor.VC is a first-check-writing venture capital firm whose purpose is creating top returns and whose mission is making inclusion the new normal. There has never been a more important time, from a returns and an innovation standpoint, to invest with our signature Inclusion Premium philosophy. Today, less than 5% of venture capital goes to under-represented founders and less than 7% is aimed at first rounds for founders. Join us on the journey.
ValueStream Ventures http://valuestreamventures.comUSAmicro-VCEarly growth stage venture capital firm.
VamosVentures LLC (Vamos Ventures)http://www.vamosventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital impact fund investing in Latinx & diverse founders defining the future through technology.VamosVentures is a Los Angeles-based impact venture capital fund investing in diverse teams across the nation. Our focus is early-stage, tech-enabled companies that are changing tomorrow. We have made 6 investments and are raising a $25M fund to invest in diverse founders from all walks of life. VamosVentures is opening the door for tomorrow’s leaders and making venture accessible to innovative thinkers everywhere.
Vast Ventures Management LLC http://www.vastvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Vayner/RSE http://vaynerrse.comUSAmicro-VCFounded in 2014, Vayner/RSE is a marriage of builders: Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia and RSE Ventures. VRSE invests in teams building tomorrow's companies through unique consumer insight and relentless drive. Our sweet spot is in the first round of institutional financing, funding either as lead investors or as part of a syndicate. Beyond capital, we support our community with access and insights derived across both our investment portfolio and the operating companies we oversee on a daily basis. Our team has a diverse background of starting, growing and operating companies across a variety of industries and life stages and we leverage this mental elasticity to help our entrepreneurs through the gamut of challenges that accompany building companies.
Vela Partners LLC http://vela.partnersUSAmicro-VCvela.partnersVela Partners is a San Francisco-based investment firm, pioneering an innovative way of investing in startups, which we call Ventech (Venture technology). Vela is an AI-enabled data business, collecting insights about markets, companies, and other relevant components of the ecosystem. Then it leverages these insights by making better investment decisions and by helping improve the performance of its portfolio. Our main focus is AI-enabled and data-driven B2B startups with investments spanning from seed to Series A.
Velorum Capital http://velorumcapital.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm focused on manufacturing, construction, automation, biotech, and blockchain technology sector.
Velos Partners Management LLC http://www.velospartners.comUSAmicro-VC
Venture Science http://www.venture-science.comUSAdata driven investment, micro-VC
VentureBuilders Capital BV http://www.venturebuilders.nlNLDmicro-VCVentureBuilders Capital is an operational VC that backs founders with capital, an extensive network and exclusive access to a wide range of operational expertise. With an unique organizational structure featuring 25 operational experts, VentureBuilders Capital offers its portfolio companies hands-on support in the areas of Digital Marketing, Data Intelligence, Business Analytics, Legal, Design, PR, Sales and Recruiting. We back early-stage companies in the digital technology space with initial investments of EUR 500k - 1 million. The current portfolio includes 10 companies such as Amberscript,, Contexta and Taxi2Airport. With our latest VentureBuilders Growth Fund, we aim to add another 10 companies to our portfolio in the next 2 years.
Verge Fund http://www.vergefund.comUSAmicro-VC
Verse Capital Partners LLC http://www.versecap.comUSAmicro-VCVerse Capital Ventures, LLC (the “Fund” or the “Company” or “VCV”), a Utah Limited Liability Company, is a Portfolio Operator Venture Fund managed by Verse Capital Partners, a Utah Limited Liability Company (“Verse”, “Verse Capital”, “Management” or “VCP”). The Fund was founded by a management team with specific operating experience and acute expertise in affairs to enhance the Fund’s performance. This team includes experienced serial entrepreneurs, startup operators, education technology (EdTech) and finance executives, a U.S. K-12 education policy and legislation expert, as well as U.S. K-12 sales, marketing and implementation leaders from the largest competitor in the industry. Their experience will de-risk portfolio selection by accelerating the maturity curve of EdTech businesses. This is done by applying the Fund’s proprietary investment thesis to decrease the mortality hazard and increase growth potential of businesses in the Fund portfolio. This drives the overall purpose of producing a greater than market rate of return and positive social impact for investors. Public K-12 schools in America were designed to prepare young students to effectively integrate into the economy via the workplace or by transitioning into higher education after high school graduation. Over the past 30-years the economy and K-12 education have become out-of-sync with one another. The 1980’s brought the beginning of the Digital Revolution or Third Industrial Revolution and Information Era, marked by technology advancing from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology used today. By the early 90’s the computer had become a familiar machine in the workplace and by 1996 the internet had become a normal part of business operations for more than half of U.S. businesses. Knowing how to use a computer and the internet by the year 2000 was a necessity for many jobs. The investment required for rapid adoption of technology by businesses was easily justified by cost savings and growth opportunity that came with adoption. School systems, on the other hand, did not have a practical way to finance the adoption and integration of technology into its curriculum or classrooms. Even though the workplace called for employees capable of operating the technology of the Information Era. Currently, every industry that comprises the global economy, with the exception of K-12 education, has been reshaped by the recurring cycles of innovation brought by the Digital Revolution. Today, powerful, positive forces are gathering with the potential to transform education and EdTech. There is social and economic demand for K-12 education to produce graduates better prepared to compete in a 21st century college and/or career setting. There is also demand for technology to be integrated into schools that align teaching and learning with workforce requirements. The gap between the Digital Revolution and the state of education equates to a once in a generation opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.
Verte Capital LLC http://www.vertecapital.netUSAmicro-VC, healthcare, information technologyVenture capital firm firm specializing in early and later-stage investments in the healthcare and information technology sectors.
Vertical Venture Partners http://www.vvp.vcUSAmicro-VCWe are a small, partner-only team with decades of experience gained from diverse backgrounds in venture capital, research & development, investment banking, and enterprise technology. We have all been entrepreneurs before, experienced success and failure, and understand what it takes to build a company.
VestedWorld http://www.vestedworld.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage investment fund manager that invests to create a more prosperous world.
Vestigo Ventures http://www.vestigoventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Viceroy Ventures Inc http://www.viceven.comUSAmicro-VC
Village Capital http://www.vilcap.comUSAmicro-VC, impact investors
Village Global http://www.villageglobal.vcUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.
Vine Street Ventures (Vine St Ventures)http://www.vinestventures.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital investment firm dedicated to investing in internet and mobile businesses.
Visionary Venture Fund http://www.visionaryvc.comUSAmicro-VC
Visionnaire Ventures Inc http://visionnaireventures.commicro-VCTechnology investment venture capital firm.
Vital Venture Capital http://www.vitalvc.comUSAmicro-VCVital Venture Capital consists of principal investors located throughout the United States. Our principals have an average experience of 25+ years in the fields of software, technology, and intellectual property. Vital principals each have successful track records in starting, building, growing and selling companies. We can therefore nurture your business by providing insight, knowledge, experience and vitality!
Wakestream Ventures http://www.wakestreamventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Waterline Ventures http://www.waterlineventures.comUSAmicro-VCWaterline Ventures invests in the early stage healthcare technology and services companies that are improving the way care is delivered. Increasing costs, inconsistent quality, and inadequate access to healthcare create the need for innovation. Companies that address these issues stand to create tremendous value while improving people's lives across the country and around the world. There is a massive and growing opportunity for technological transformation in healthcare. Our entrepreneurs are leading the change within healthcare.
Watertower Ventures (WTV)http://watertowerventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Wave Capital http://www.wave.capitalUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm that specialises in marketplaces.From hiring an early team, to finding product-market fit and raising a strong series A, our firm is designed to be the only partner founders need as they get up and running.
Wavemaker Partners LLC http://wavemaker.vcUSAcrypto funds, micro-VCEarly stage venture capital firm with offices in Los Angeles and Singapore.
Waverley Capital http://www.waverleycapital.comUSAmicro-VC
Weekend Fund http://weekend.fundUSAmicro-VC
West Capital Advisors LLC http://www.westcapadv.comUSAmicro-VC
West Loop Ventures http://westloopventures.comUSAmicro-VC
WestRiver Group (WRG)http://www.wrg.vcUSAmicro-VCSeattle-based venture debt and equity company.
WestWave Capital http://www.westwavecapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm focusing on seed and series A enterprise companies building deep technology solutions.
What IF Ventures http://whatif.vcUSAmicro-VC
Whitehart Ventures http://www.whitehartventures.comUSAmicro-VC
Wildcat Venture Partners http://wildcat.vcUSAmicro-VCWildcat Venture Partners seeks the wildcatters of the 21st century (tech entrepreneurs) who prospect, refine and monetize digital oil (data) to become the next market disruptors and category leaders. We invest in B2B and B2B2C startups leveraging key technologies such as Machine Learning/AI, IoT, and Cloud & Mobility in the following markets: Digital Health, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, and FinTech. We focus on helping startups that are currently in the Traction Gap®. Entrepreneurs turned investors, we use our decades of deep domain expertise to help startups become market leaders.
Windham Venture Partners http://www.windhamvp.comUSAmicro-VCNew York City based venture capital firm focused on healthcare, with particular emphasis on medical technology and digital health.Windham Venture Partners is a New York City based venture capital firm focused on healthcare, with particular emphasis on medical technology and digital health. We have a small, highly focused team of managers who enjoy close relationships with strategics, leading venture capital firms, and innovators and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry.
Winnebago Seed Fund http://www.winnebagoseedfund.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital fund based in Neenah, Wisconsin, with an emphasis on seed investments in startup companies in Northeast Wisconsin.The Winnebago Seed Fund is a venture capital fund based in Neenah, Wisconsin, with an emphasis on seed investments in startup companies in Northeast Wisconsin. Established in 2016, the Fund’s primary purpose is to generate investor return by partnering with talented entrepreneurs to rapidly grow their businesses.
Wireframe Partners LLC http://www.wireframevc.comUSAmicro-VCWe back missionary founders using advanced technology or unique market insight to tackle massive challenges in the real-world, across themes like climate change, human health, urbanization and more. We invest at the seed or pre-seed stage, when institutional capital in our focus areas is often in short supply. We look for founders with deep domain expertise, we believe diverse teams drive stronger outcomes and we know intensely product-centric cultures are essential to redefine a large market or create an entirely new one.
WISC Partners LP (Wisconsin Investment and Strategic Capital Partners)http://wiscpartners.comUSAmicro-VCWisconsin Investment and Strategic Capital Partners, known as WISC Partners, is committed to building wealth by providing Strategic Operating Capital to entrepreneurs who have the potential to build great companies that solve important customer problems. We do so by applying expertise gained from our experiences and successes in Silicon Valley to promising ventures in Wisconsin. And we tap into our worldwide network of Wisconsin associated connections for additional knowhow, business development opportunities, and capital to further boost our efforts. We refer to this as Strategic Operating Capital, which could not be more different than traditional, more passive investment. It is highly engaged, finely tuned, and directed at accelerating growth and value for both investors and entrepreneurs. We are not seeking to replicate Silicon Valley, but instead to build a community of investors and entrepreneurs that is uniquely Wisconsin and highly successful. We know that the characteristics and potential for this success are here, so our mission at WISC Partners is to simply to develop and deliver on it for the good of all.
Wolfram Ventures LLC http://ventures.wolfram.comUSAmicro-VC
Wonder Ventures http://www.wondervc.comUSAmicro-VC
Work America Capital http://www.workamericacapital.comUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm dedicated to investing in Houstonians and Houston-based businesses.Work America Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in Houstonians and Houston-based businesses by partnering with high-potential, talented leaders with good values and a passion for building a business.
Work-Bench Ventures venture firm focused on enterprise startups
WRVI Global Capital Managers LLC http://wrvi.vcUSAmicro-VCVenture capital firm.
XFactor Ventures http://www.xfactor.venturesUSAmicro-VCPre-seed and seed stage venture firm focusing on investments in startups with at least one female founder.XFactor Ventures is focused on making pre-seed and seed stage investments in companies with billion dollar market opportunities that have at least one female founder.
Xfund http://www.xfund.comUSAmicro-VCEarly-stage venture capital firm.
XG Ventures http://www.xg-ventures.comUSAmicro-VCXG Ventures® was founded in March 2008 by ex-Googlers, who were early hires in strategic roles at Google. Pietro Dova and Andrea Zurek are the managing members of XG Ventures and are dedicated to advising and investing in supremely talented early stage teams. We learned a great deal at Google, including how its unique culture shaped a dynamic and fun enterprise. Together, with our complementary expertise, our goal is to help successfully guide the start-up teams, in which we invest and advise, to the next stage. We provide operational and strategic guidance, mentorship, global networking contacts, and access to seed capital and beyond. XG Ventures® invests in early, seed-stage opportunities across a variety of sectors in both B2C and B2B. Examples of these sectors include mobile, e-commerce, enterprise, consumer and SaaS-based businesses. We look for exceptional teams focusing on innovative products or services.
Xplorer Capital http://www.xplorer.vcUSAmicro-VCXplorer invests in talented entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies that transform industries on a global scale. We like to form long-term partnerships and we work hard to support our portfolio companies by leveraging our experience and connections. We’ve been in your shoes, we’ve faced the hard times and we’ve celebrated the successes.
XSeed Capital http://www.xseedcap.comUSAmicro-VCSeed stage venture capital firm.XSeed believes in the creative destruction unleashed by technological innovators. Our portfolio companies boast significant differentiation that creates unique customer value. At their core our companies create innovations typically in software, computer science and other IT disciplines. With $110 million under management, we make our initial investment commitments at the seed stage and then continue to support our portfolio companies with time, effort and follow-on capital through multiple investment rounds. We work hard from the get-go to help our entrepreneurs build value, define and reach risk-reduction milestones, and get to their next value inflection point quickly.
Xsolla (USA) Inc http://xsolla.comUSAmicro-VC
XYZ Venture Capital LLC (XYZ Ventures) capital firm focused on the large seed and Series A rounds of fintech and enterprise tech startups.XYZ-Ventures is an operational investment group that discovers, invests in, incubates, markets and provides advisory services to businesses in various technology fields. Our experienced team and industry partners focuses on capturing value from startups & innovation at its most formative stages.
Z9 Capital LLC http://www.z9capital.comUSAmicro-VCMiami-based venture capital firm.
Zelkova Ventures http://zelkovavc.comUSAmicro-VC
Zero G Capital http://www.zerogcapital.comUSAmicro-VC