FundTypeVintageSize (USD)IRRMultiple
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers VIII LPVenture1996300,000,000286.60 %17.00 x
Menlo Ventures VII LPVenture1996250,000,000135.58 %4.70 x
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers VII LPVenture1994225,000,000121.70 %32.51 x
Summit Ventures IV LPVenture1995610,000,000103.77 %
WLR Recovery Fund II LP2002400,000,00078.80 %2.40 x
Austin Ventures IV LPVenture1994115,000,00073.14 %8.40 x
Union Square Ventures 2004 LPVenture200466.53 %13.90 x
New Enterprise Associates VII LPVenture1996310,580,00063.71 %
Summit Subordinated Debt Fund II LPPrivate debt1997335,000,00055.85 %
Oak Investment Partners VIII LPVenture1998600,000,00055.33 %1.80 x
Carlyle Riverstone Global Energy and Power Fund II LPOther20031,100,000,00052.80 %1.80 x
Advent Global Private Equity IV-A LPBuyout200252.00 %3.20 x
Doughty Hanson & Co Fund II LPBuyout199648.94 %2.11 x
Warburg Pincus Ventures LPVenture19942,000,000,00048.21 %5.10 x
OrbiMed Private Investments IV LPVenture200945.20 %2.78 x
California Asia Investors LP200844.70 %4.20 x
Advent International GPE V-D LPBuyout200542.90 %2.40 x
Menlo Ventures IV LPVenture1988110,000,00042.15 %5.10 x
CVC European Equity Partners III LPBuyout20013,970,000,00041.10 %2.60 x
Menlo Ventures VI LPVenture1993177,000,00040.83 %3.10 x
ARCH Venture Fund VII LPVenture200740.69 %3.99 x
AACP India Investors C200940.40 %3.80 x
Onex Partners I LP200438.22 %
Apollo Investment Fund V LPBuyout20013,750,000,00037.60 %2.00 x
Blue Run Ventures IV LP200837.20 %
Blackstone Capital Partners IV LPBuyout20026,450,000,00036.50 %2.40 x
Apax Europe V LPBuyout20013,600,000,00036.06 %
Carlyle Japan Partners LPBuyout2001480,000,00034.10 %2.00 x
Morgenthaler Venture Partners IV LPVenture1995136,000,00033.13 %2.13 x
Menlo Evergreen V LPVenture198832.14 %3.60 x
Austin Ventures V LPVenture1997170,000,00031.88 %1.98 x
First Reserve Fund X LP20042,290,000,00031.10 %1.80 x
New Enterprise Associates VIII LPVenture1998565,000,00030.72 %
Wingate Partners LP198730.34 %6.08 x
Morgenthaler Venture Partners IX LPVenture2008400,000,00029.83 %2.34 x
Bridgepoint Europe II A LPBuyout200229.40 %1.80 x
AG Capital Recovery Partners IV LP2003960,000,00028.68 %1.58 x
Carlyle Realty Partners III LPReal estate2001571,000,00028.30 %2.10 x
Morgenthaler Venture Partners III LPVenture198968,000,00027.53 %3.02 x
Apollo Credit Opportunity Fund I LPOther200827.40 %2.60 x
Permira Europe IIIBuyout200326.60 %1.70 x
Giza Venture Fund VVenture200726.54 %
US Venture Partners V LPVenture1996171,000,00026.23 %2.30 x
The Column Group LPVenture200525.60 %2.47 x
Alta V LP199225.50 %2.40 x
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners II LP2008950,000,00025.20 %2.20 x
KKR European Fund LPBuyout19993,100,000,00024.70 %2.20 x
Darwin Venture Capital Fund of Funds II LPFund-of-funds200624.60 %3.10 x
TPG Partners III LP200024.47 %
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund I LPOther2003950,000,00024.37 %1.81 x
BC Partners VII LP200023.92 %
Apollo Investment Fund VII LPBuyout20077,500,000,00023.90 %1.60 x
Wingate Partners II LP199523.58 %2.00 x
Wingate Partners III LP200023.54 %3.28 x
Permira Europe IIBuyout200023.52 %
Aisling Capital III LP2008650,000,00023.10 %1.60 x
CVC European Equity Partners LPBuyout1996840,000,00022.90 %2.51 x
Shasta Ventures II LPVenture2007250,000,00022.89 %
KKR 1980 Related Fund198122.50 %3.44 x
TA IX LP20002,000,000,00021.80 %
Union Square Ventures 2008 LPVenture200821.49 %2.88 x
OrbiMed Private Investments III LPVenture200621.30 %2.54 x
Summit Partners Venture Capital II-A LPVenture200521.06 %
Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund200921.00 %
Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund III LPBuyout200820.90 %1.70 x
Canaan Equity Partners VIIVenture200520.70 %3.10 x
Insight Venture Partners V LPVenture2005675,000,00020.70 %2.60 x
Bessemer Venture Partners VIIIVenture201020.20 %1.46 x
Aisling Capital I LP200220.00 %
American Securities Partners II LPBuyout1998350,000,00019.92 %2.44 x
Insight Venture Partners VI LPVenture20071,250,000,00019.70 %2.30 x
Carlyle Europe Partners II LPBuyout20032,247,000,00019.40 %1.50 x
American Securities Partners III LPBuyout2001650,000,00019.30 %1.86 x
CVC European Equity Partners II LPBuyout19983,333,000,00018.93 %
AACP India Venture Investors AVenture200718.90 %2.90 x
New Enterprise Associates XIII LPVenture20092,500,000,00018.87 %
Advent International GPE VI-A LPBuyout200818.70 %2.00 x
Claremont Creek Ventures II LPVenture200818.70 %1.59 x
TA XI LP201018.57 %
Carlyle Asia Partners (PV II) LPBuyout200018.40 %2.70 x
Global Energy Capital 2010 LPBuyout201018.01 %1.55 x
Granite Global Ventures III LPVenture2006400,000,00017.20 %2.30 x
Sofinnova Venture Partners VII LPVenture2006375,000,00017.11 %
Advent International GPE VI LP200816.94 %
Ampersand 2001 LPVenture2002297,000,00016.75 %2.59 x
KKR Millenium Fund LPBuyout20025,100,000,00016.60 %1.80 x
CVC European Equity Partners IV LPBuyout20057,200,000,00016.49 %
Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners VII LPBuyout20098,800,000,00016.48 %
Ampersand 1999 LPVenture1999150,000,00016.44 %2.55 x
CVC European Equity Partners IV (C) LPBuyout200516.23 %1.85 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund II LPOther20041,600,000,00016.16 %1.48 x
TPG Partners IV LPBuyout20035,300,000,00015.90 %2.00 x
Francisco Partners III LPBuyout20091,932,800,00015.85 %1.55 x
EnCap Energy Capital Fund VII LPBuyout20072,300,000,00015.63 %1.34 x
Polish Enterprise Fund V LP200415.40 %2.00 x
New Enterprise Associates XI LPVenture20031,100,000,00015.27 %
Summit Ventures VI-A LPVenture200115.06 %
Carlyle Asia Partners III LPBuyout200814.60 %1.50 x
Acon-Bastion Partners II LP2006370,000,00014.60 %1.80 x
Carlyle Partners IV LPBuyout20057,850,000,00014.60 %2.10 x
Warburg Pincus Private Equity VIII LPBuyout20015,300,000,00014.56 %2.25 x
Canaan VIII LPVenture200714.50 %1.62 x
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe XI LP200914.36 %
Varde Fund IX LP20092,400,000,00014.30 %2.03 x
Onex Partners II LP200614.21 %
CVC Capital Partners Asia Pacific III LPBuyout200813.97 %
Pond Ventures III LPVenture200613.90 %
Asia Alternatives Capital Partners LP2007515,000,00013.90 %1.90 x
Carlyle Europe Real Estate Partners LPReal estate200213.90 %1.50 x
Carlyle Europe Technology Partners II LPVenture200813.90 %1.60 x
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe VI LP1993604,000,00013.85 %
Khosla Ventures Seed LPVenture200913.80 %1.70 x
China Privatization Fund (Del) LP200613.70 %1.90 x
Thomas H Lee Equity Fund V LPBuyout20016,100,000,00013.70 %1.60 x
Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund II LPBuyout20062,065,000,00013.50 %1.70 x
Doughty Hanson & Co Fund III LPBuyout19982,660,000,00013.48 %1.87 x
Vestar Capital Partners IV LPBuyout19992,480,350,00013.46 %
Blackstone - GSO Capital Solutions LP200913.45 %
Ampersand 2006 LPVenture2006212,000,00013.32 %2.01 x
Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund LPBuyout2002751,000,00013.30 %1.50 x
KKR Asian Fund LPBuyout200713.30 %1.60 x
California Emerging Ventures IV LLC200613.20 %1.70 x
Bessemer Venture Partners VII InstitutionalVenture200713.20 %1.79 x
Carlyle Global Financial Services Partners LP200813.00 %1.50 x
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe III LP199712.98 %
FS Equity Partners IV LPBuyout199812.85 %
Onex Partners III LPVenture200812.63 %
Affinity Asia Pacific Fund III LP200712.60 %1.60 x
Blackstone / GSO Capital Solutions Fund LP201012.50 %1.30 x
Carlyle Partners V LPBuyout200712,000,000,00012.50 %1.50 x
Ares Special Situations Fund LP200712.50 %1.70 x
Apax Europe VI-A LP200412.36 %
American Industrial Partners Capital Fund LP199012.35 %1.65 x
Blackstone Capital Partners VI LPBuyout200816,000,000,00012.30 %1.20 x
Avenue Europe Special Situations Fund LPDistressed200812.20 %1.30 x
Elevation Partners LP20051,900,000,00012.00 %
Apollo European Principal Finance Fund LP200811.90 %1.20 x
W Capital Partners II LPSecondaries2008700,000,00011.90 %1.46 x
TPG Star LP200711.90 %1.60 x
Apax Excelsior VI LPBuyout20001,100,000,00011.83 %
Birch Hill Equity Partners (US) III LP200511.70 %1.70 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund IV LPOther20072,100,000,00011.59 %1.42 x
Morgenthaler Venture Partners V LPVenture1998303,000,00011.53 %1.76 x
Carlyle Strategic Partners II LP200711.50 %1.30 x
TPG Partners VI LPBuyout200811.50 %1.40 x
Silver Lake Partners II LPBuyout20043,600,000,00011.50 %1.80 x
Lime Rock Partners IV LP200611.40 %1.90 x
Wingate Partners IV LP2006200,000,00011.38 %1.94 x
Summit Partners Private Equity VII-A LPBuyout200511.36 %
Foundry Venture Capital 2010 LPVenture2010225,000,00011.20 %1.42 x
Bain Capital IX Coinvest Fund LP200611.16 %
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe IX LP200010.93 %
Avenue Special Situations Fund V LPDistressed20075,000,000,00010.90 %1.31 x
Carlyle Europe Partners III LPBuyout20077,200,000,00010.90 %1.50 x
Menlo Ventures X LPVenture20061,200,000,00010.90 %1.70 x
CVC European Equity Partners V LPBuyout200810.87 %1.41 x
Francisco Partners II LPBuyout20062,300,000,00010.82 %1.61 x
Bridgepoint Europe IV D LPBuyout200810.70 %1.40 x
TPG Biotechnology Partners III LP200810.50 %1.50 x
Warburg Pincus Private Equity IX LPBuyout20058,000,000,0009.99 %1.60 x
Doughty Hanson & Co Fund IV LPBuyout20059.98 %1.51 x
TPG Biotechnology Partners LPVenture20029.90 %1.80 x
Advent Latin American Private Equity Fund III-D LP20069.90 %1.40 x
Summit Accelerator Fund LPVenture1999162,000,0009.74 %
Khosla Ventures III LPVenture20099.60 %1.50 x
AACP India Investors B20079.50 %1.80 x
New Enterprise Associates XII LPVenture20062,500,000,0009.34 %1.60 x
The Central Valley Fund LP20059.30 %1.30 x
Austin Ventures X LPVenture2008900,000,0009.23 %1.39 x
AACP China Venture Investors A LPVenture20089.20 %1.60 x
Advent Latin America Private Equity Fund IV-D LP20079.20 %1.40 x
Capital Link Fund I LLC20079.20 %1.50 x
Apollo Investment Fund VI LPBuyout200610,100,000,0009.00 %1.40 x
Summit Subordinated Debt Fund IV LPOther20088.80 %
Avenue Special Situations Fund IV LPDistressed20068.70 %1.40 x
AACP China Debt Investors LPPrivate debt20088.70 %1.30 x
ArcLight Energy Partners Fund III LPOther20062,100,000,0008.62 %1.49 x
Blackstone Mezzanine Partners LPMezzanine19991,100,000,0008.60 %1.30 x
Carlyle Mexico Partners LPBuyout2005134,000,0008.60 %1.20 x
Carlyle Asia Growth Partners IV LP20088.60 %1.30 x
Apollo Investment Fund IV LPBuyout19983,600,000,0008.50 %1.70 x
Summit Subordinated Debt III LPOther2003465,000,0008.47 %
Bain Capital Asia FundBuyout20071,000,000,0008.23 %
Ventech Partners LPVenture19838.23 %1.50 x
Carlyle Asia Partners II LPBuyout20061,800,000,0008.10 %1.50 x
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe X LP20058.07 %
Summit Ventures V LPVenture1998891,000,0008.05 %
57 Stars Global Opportunities Fund LLC20077.90 %1.40 x
Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Fund VIII LP20087.90 %1.30 x
Baring Asia Private Equity Fund IV LPBuyout20087.85 %1.48 x
AACP China Growth Investors20077.80 %1.50 x
Blackstone Capital Partners V LPBuyout200521,700,000,0007.80 %1.50 x
Carlyle US Growth Fund III LP20067.70 %1.30 x
KKR European Fund III LPBuyout20087.70 %1.20 x
AG Capital Recovery Partners VI LP2008650,000,0007.62 %
KKR 2006 Fund LPBuyout20067.60 %1.40 x
California Emerging Ventures III LLC20017.60 %1.40 x
Pender Strategic Growth & Income Fund20107.60 %
Warburg Pincus Private Equity X LPBuyout200715,000,000,0007.40 %0.90 x
Permira IVBuyout200614,000,000,0007.40 %
Summit Partners Europe PE FundBuyout20087.31 %
Thomas H Lee Equity Partners VI LPBuyout20078,000,000,0007.30 %1.30 x
Pender Corporate Bond Fund20097.20 %
Menlo Ventures III LPVenture19837.17 %1.60 x
Pender Canadian Opportunities Fund20107.10 %
Austin Ventures VIII LPVenture2002830,000,0006.89 %1.63 x
Bain Capital Fund IX LPBuyout20068,000,000,0006.89 %
Frazier Healthcare II LPVenture19966.85 %1.50 x
Bain Capital Fund X LPBuyout200710,000,000,0006.65 %
Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy and Power Fund III LPOther20053,800,000,0006.60 %1.30 x
Shasta Ventures LPVenture2004210,000,0006.59 %
Blue Run Ventures LP20056.55 %
Castlelake I LP20076.50 %1.60 x
Blackstone Communications Partners I LPBuyout20002,019,000,0006.50 %1.20 x
CVC European Equity Partners Tandem FundBuyout20066.46 %1.32 x
57 Stars Global Opportunities Fund 2 (CalPERS) LLC20096.30 %1.20 x
Menlo Venture Partners LPVenture19816.14 %1.30 x
Providence Equity Partners VI LP200712,000,000,0006.10 %1.30 x
Granite Global Ventures II LPVenture20045.90 %1.49 x
AG Capital Recovery Partners VII LP20095.52 %
Austin Ventures IX LPVenture2005525,000,0005.52 %1.36 x
Evergreen IV LPVenture19875.47 %1.30 x
Apax Europe VII LP20075.40 %
Bain Capital Coinvest Fund X LP20075.26 %
Apollo Special Opportunities Managed Account LP20075.10 %1.40 x
TA Associates X LP20065.08 %
Varde Fund VIII LP20064.86 %1.32 x
Aberdare Ventures IV LP20084.70 %1.20 x
Aurora Equity Partners II LP199875,000,0004.70 %1.40 x
Francisco Partners LPBuyout20002,500,000,0004.70 %1.30 x
TPG Asia V LPBuyout20074.50 %1.20 x
US Venture Partners VI LPVenture1998278,000,0004.34 %1.20 x
BC European Capital VIII LP20054.24 %
Doughty Hanson & Co V LtdBuyout20074,247,187,5004.14 %1.18 x
KKR European Fund II LPBuyout20054,500,000,0004.10 %1.30 x
California Emerging Ventures II LLC19994.00 %1.20 x
Providence Equity Partners V LP20054,250,000,0004.00 %1.20 x
TPG Partners V LPBuyout200614,000,000,0003.90 %1.20 x
Claremont Creek Ventures LPVenture20053.90 %1.26 x
New Enterprise Associates X LPVenture20002,250,000,0003.80 %1.30 x
US Venture Partners VIII LPVenture20011,000,000,0003.73 %1.30 x
TPG Ventures LPVenture20013.70 %1.20 x
Alta BioPharma Partners II LPVenture2000220,000,0003.50 %1.20 x
ARCH Venture Fund VI LPVenture20033.49 %1.09 x
Ampersand 1995 LPVenture1996100,000,0003.36 %1.21 x
Oak Investment Partners X LPVenture20011,600,000,0003.31 %1.20 x
Correlation Ventures Executives Fund LPVenture20103.08 %1.08 x
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe VIII LP1998320,000,0002.98 %
Aberdare Ventures III LPVenture2005154,000,0002.90 %1.20 x
Alchemy Plan (Estrellita) LP20022.82 %
Vestar Capital Partners V LP20052.76 %
Wand Secondary InterestsSecondaries199735,000,0002.62 %1.11 x
Boston Ventures V LP19962.61 %
Carlyle Venture Partners II LPVenture2001600,000,0002.60 %1.10 x
AG Capital Recovery Partners V LP20062.59 %1.11 x
Advanced Technology Ventures VII LPVenture2001800,000,0002.22 %1.15 x
Advent Latin America Private Equity Fund V-H LP20102.10 %1.10 x
Bridgepoint Europe III D LPBuyout20052.00 %1.10 x
Artiman Ventures II LPVenture2007185,000,0001.95 %1.10 x
Materia Ventures LPVenture19861.91 %1.20 x
TPG Biotechnology Partners II LPBuyout2006402,000,0001.90 %1.10 x
Avenue Asia Special Situations Fund IV LPDistressed20063,100,000,0001.73 %1.09 x
AG Private Equity Partners III LP2005350,000,0001.72 %1.12 x
ARCH Venture Fund VI LPVenture20031.25 %1.09 x
Garage California Entrepreneurs Fund LP20021.00 %1.10 x
Aisling Capital II LP2005550,000,0000.50 %1.00 x
Cable & Howse Partners IIVenture19810.46 %1.00 x
Thoma Cressey Fund VI LP19980.26 %
TPG Financial Partners LP20080.21 %
California Community Venture Fund LLC Venture20030.20 %1.00 x
Menlo Ventures IX LPVenture20001,500,000,000-0.14 %1.00 x
Atlas Venture Fund VI LPVenture2001967,000,000-0.32 %0.97 x
VantagePoint Venture Partners IVVenture20001,100,000,000-0.58 %
Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund IV LP20071,050,000,000-0.70 %1.00 x
Wand Equity Portfolio II LP1997175,000,000-0.82 %0.93 x
Carlyle Asia Growth Partners III LP2005680,000,000-1.20 %0.90 x
Carlyle Japan Partners II LPBuyout20061,900,000,000-1.40 %0.90 x
AACP AP Investors LP2007-1.70 %0.90 x
Tenaska Power Fund II LP20082,445,000,000-2.26 %0.86 x
Apollo Asia Opportunity Fund LP2007-2.50 %0.90 x
New Enterprise Associates VIII A LPVenture2001-2.58 %
Austin Ventures VII LPVenture1999825,000,000-2.82 %0.81 x
VantagePoint CleanTech Partners LPVenture2006-2.88 %
Alta Communications IX LP2003500,000,000-2.97 %
Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund II LP2008-3.10 %0.90 x
Oak Investment Partners XI LPVenture20041,400,000,000-3.20 %0.80 x
Artiman Ventures III LPVenture2010200,000,000-3.48 %0.90 x
Yucaipa American Special Situations Fund I LP20021,000,000,000-3.70 %0.90 x
Emerging Europe Growth Fund II LP2008122,000,000-4.60 %0.85 x
Yucaipa Corporate Initiatives Fund I LPBuyout2003-4.60 %0.80 x
Advent Central & Eastern Europe IV LP2008-5.29 %
CVC Capital Partners Asia Pacific II LPBuyout20051,975,000,000-6.02 %
Sofinnova Venture Partners VIVenture2003220,000,000-6.03 %
Sequoia Capital IXVenture1999350,000,000-6.10 %0.86 x
Oak Investment Partners IX LPVenture19991,000,000,000-6.23 %0.70 x
New Enterprise Associates IX LPVenture1999880,000,000-6.49 %
Atria Private Equity Fund III FC PR2006-6.67 %
Lion Capital Fund II LP2007-7.30 %0.70 x
Austin Ventures VI LPVenture1998320,000,000-7.83 %0.63 x
First Reserve Fund XII LP20088,900,000,000-7.90 %0.80 x
Nogales Investors Fund I LP2001-8.00 %0.70 x
Giza Venture Fund IVVenture2005-8.43 %
Menlo Ventures VIII LPVenture1999500,000,000-8.94 %0.50 x
First Reserve Fund XI LP20067,800,000,000-9.30 %0.70 x
US Venture Partners VII LPVenture1999500,000,000-9.36 %0.40 x
JH Whitney IV LP1999-11.06 %
Lime Rock Partners III LP2004-12.20 %0.50 x
VantagePoint Venture Partners 2006 (Q) LPVenture2005-14.50 %0.50 x
Phildrew Ventures Fourth Fund BVenture1995-14.51 %
VantagePoint Venture Partners IIIVenture1999-15.29 %
Sequoia Capital Franchise FundVenture1999-17.00 %0.71 x
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers X-A LPVenture2000-17.50 %0.59 x
Syndicated Communications Venture Partners V2007-17.91 %
Craton Equity Investors I LP2007-22.10 %0.30 x
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers IX-A LPVenture1999-23.30 %0.40 x
Accel VIII LPVenture20001,500,000,000-26.80 %0.51 x
Sequoia Capital XVenture2000800,000,000-31.00 %0.55 x
Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund I LPInfrastructure2006685,000,000-36.50 %0.10 x
Telecom Partners III LPVenture1999-40.56 %0.10 x
KBA Partners II LPVenture1989-42.07 %0.00 x
NGEN II LPVenture2005180,000,000-43.60 %0.10 x
American River Ventures I LPVenture2001100,000,000-61.90 %0.10 x