Recent Fund Closings

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Fund Type Fund manager Country Event Ccy Amount Date
Moxxie Ventures LP Venture Moxxie Ventures Final Closing USD 25,000,000 18 Dec 2019
Ada Ventures Fund I Venture Ada Ventures Final Closing USD 34,000,000 11 Dec 2019
Harlem Capital Partners Venture Fund I LP Venture Harlem Capital Partners Final Closing USD 40,300,000 2 Dec 2019
House Fund II LP Venture University of California Berkeley Final Closing USD 44,000,000 18 Nov 2019
ACME Fund III ACME Capital Final Closing Nov 2019
Bloomberg Beta III Venture Bloomberg Beta United Kingdom Final Closing USD 75,000,000 18 Oct 2019
Notion Capital IV LP Venture Notion Capital Partners LLP Final Closing USD 150,000,000 3 Oct 2019
Alaska Future Fund Fund-of-funds Barings Alternative Investments United States Final Closing USD 100,000,000 3 Oct 2019
KPS Special Situations V KPS Capital Partners LP Final Closing 25 Sep 2019
Matchstick Ventures Fund II Venture Matchstick Ventures Final Closing USD 30,000,000 19 Sep 2019
Mission Bay Capital III Venture Mission Bay Capital Management LLC Final Closing USD 60,000,000 16 Sep 2019
FS Equity Partners VIII LP Buyout Freeman Spogli & Co Final Closing USD 1,850,000,000 3 Sep 2019
Cortec Group Fund VII Cortec Group Inc Final Closing Sep 2019
Half Court Ventures II LP Venture Half Court Ventures LLC United States Target USD 10,000,000 30 Aug 2019
Uncork VI LP Venture Uncork Capital Final Closing USD 97,500,000 20 Aug 2019
Uncork Plus II LP Venture Uncork Capital Final Closing USD 95,000,000 20 Aug 2019
A Capital Partners III LP Venture A Capital Partners United States Target USD 140,000,000 8 Aug 2019
Sierra Ventures XII Venture Sierra Ventures Management LLC Final Closing USD 215,000,000 18 Jul 2019
3L Capital I LP 3L Capital LLC United States Final Closing USD 217,000,000 Jul 2019
Creador IV Buyout Creador Sdn Bhd Final Closing USD 565,000,000 Jul 2019
UNION Labs Ventures LP Venture Union Labs Target USD 50,000,000 17 Jun 2019
Safar Partners Fund LP Venture Safar Partners LLC United States Target USD 325,000,000 30 May 2019
NFX Capital Fund II Venture NFX Guild Final Closing USD 275,000,000 22 May 2019
Cinven Fund VII Buyout Cinven Ltd Final Closing EUR 10,000,000,000 2 May 2019
B Capital Fund II LP Venture B Capital Group Management LP Cayman Islands First Closing USD 406,093,812 5 Apr 2019